Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's DIY Day, Check it out!!!

Kimba from A Soft Place to Land is hosting her weekly DIY day!!! After you finish up here make sure and stop over to see what everyone has been working on!!! Soooo many Great things!!!

I don't know about you but when I go to GoodWill or garage sales I always see tons of these abandoned jewelry boxes. ( now that I know I can make them pretty, I won't ) I found this one a few weeks back at GoodWill, I think it was Goodwill, Anyway it was $3 something....Here is what she looked like before....

Yikes, right?

And after....Ahhh so much better, well I think so anyway. I know the paper is off, but I haven't made it permanent yet and this was the pattern I wanted and I had a small sheet to work with, so there it is.

I painted it black, only took 2 coats and distressed the edges and added the paper to the glass. So easy and so pretty.....

Don't you just love spray painting baskets? It seriously rocks! I bought 2 of these last weekend and they are almost exactly the same, different sizes, I sprayed them with glossy black and now they just need a spot on the walls. I want to hang them together and put something pretty, just not sure what yet in them....

These are so fun! I was digging through my moms supplies and found these, they were just clear before I added the paper behind the glass, plastic, whatever it is. She claims she bought these in the scrapbooking area, never seen them myself but I want MORE!! These make such cute necklaces, I think. I love love love this paper too. I could not find my cording to string it, I can't find anything in my horribly messy and unorganized room.

Aren't they cool though?

I love them! This paper is very vintage looking, and on one corner has an old postcard and stamp and the rest is the blue floral and it has little tiny specs of pink in it. I love it! I have a couple more of these that I am making into necklaces that I swiped from her. You like?

So that's it for the moment. I have more to come today!! Don't forget to head on over to Kimbas to see the rest of the DIY projects!!! Be prepared to be inspired and add 100 things to your to do list!! Seriously. Also don't forget to enter my giveaway!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So much to share....

Just not yet, hehe. How's that for a teaser? Anywho, I will have a post up later tonight or super early in the morning with my finished clock redo, coffee table redo, and a few other redos. I have about a thousand things going at once, craziness! Oh and I have some necklaces done, and probably my favorite redo a jewelry box all jazzed up!!! Don't forget to enter my giveaway!
Pretty, right? Uh ok not so much, but wait till you see what they are now!!! Can't wait to show you!!!

Here is a preview of my clock makeover!!! Go here to see the before....

I never did show you this that I found at Goodwill last week as we hadn't picked it up yet. She needs a new paint job but for $4 isn't she pretttty? She is nice and solid too!!

Ok, this was the other thing we had to pick up. Am I crazy? Seriously, I have always wanted something Similar to this with cubbies and such and this was $5 so I grabbed it up, I know I know I am weird. What the heck do I do with it people? I have already painted it white and distressed it but I need ideas for using it, lol. Should I just stick it in my craft room for storage and call it a day or do you have something better for me? HELP! Oh and I wasn't the only one in love with this one, after I took told the lady I wanted it and she carried it up front for me I had a crazy woman following me around, finally she stops me and says hey what did you pay for that? I said uh it's $5, she said I will give you double for it, I was like uh sorry I like it, she walked away mad, but geeshhhhh. So would you have made the $5 bucks on it, lol?

Anywho, that's all for the moment! I promise I will have so much more in the late late pm or the wee wee hours of the am, lol!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

A few small thrifty redos....

I thought I would participate in Metamorphis Monday this week with a few small projects I have finished up....Nothing spectacular, but I do love them! After your done here, go over and check everyone elses out!! You will be blown away at all the wonderful ones, the Host Susan from Between Naps on The Porch has an AWESOME one to share!

This I paid $2 for, it was an ugly gold color and very blotchy. LOVE it now! All it took was a few coats of heirloom white spray paint and a little distressing!

This is definately my FAVORITE, seriously I love this and want 20 more, haha! It was 2.99 at Goodwill and the bottom was just wood color, I spray painted it glossy black and added some little pears to it, I want to find some green limes or something for it.

This cake stand was from Goodwill, it was a horrible gold, I was bad and forgot a lot of before pictures, that happens when you find so many goodies, and get so excited to paint them, haha. I was just playin around with it, I have no idea what I will display on it...I am sure I will find something.

Another picture of it....Love love love the heirloom white spray paint!

A finial that was brown, of course painted with some heirloom white paint and distressed a bit. Love it!

This was just a bottle I found in a box of stuff I scored from freecycle, I think it's pretty!

Don't forget to go and enter my giveaway here!!!!

GiveAway timeeeee!!!!! Yipppeeeee!

I am so excited to do a giveaway! I have won so many ( four ) the past couple of months I just had to do one of my own! I love giving away goodies!

Here is how the giveaway works!

1. For one entry, all you gotta do is leave a comment!!!
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That's it! Easy Peasy! Don't forget to leave SEPERATE comments for each thing you do!!! Ok so now do you want to know what you could win????

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You will win a 26oz Bella Jar candle in any scent you choose!!!

Of course a wick dipper to go along with your candle!!

A set of auto fresheners in your choice of scent!! You get 3 in a package!!

And last but not least a bottle of the HomeOlogy All Purpose cleaner!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!

Hurry and Enter!!! Giveaway ends Sunday Night August 2nd at Midnight CST time!! I will announce the winner on Monday, August 3rd!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tons of thrifty finds this week, Seriously....

Ohhhh did I ever have a good week! I had so much fun! I have freecycle scores to share, garage sale finds, and of couse Goodwill finds! My favorite by far was Goodwill this week, the one I have been going to is AWESOME, and they are cheaper priced than most others I have been too. I have 2 scores from Goodwill that aren't pictured as Hubby has to pick them up tomorrow. One is a white end table for $4, sooo pretty with nice spindle legs and a drawer, does not need painted just cleaned but I do believe it will be painted black. Also I found my favorite thing ever, It's a big shelf/cubby thing, for $5. I can't explain it, but will share them tomorrow. Can't wait!!! Ok here we go, there is alot!!!

Magazine rack for 1.00. I think she will be pretty painted black or maybe white. I may not use her for magazines but something else, we shall see....

A mug holder thingy, I already have a really nice one but have other plans for this and it was only .50 cents.

Another favorite find, a toybox bench for $4, this will look awesome after some paint!

Ok another fave find ( I have lots of faves this week ), this is such a nice frame, very heavy and only 1.00!!! I am seeing a big chalkboard with this one.

Another big frame, my fave too, lol. This again is nice and heavy wood and chunky, love it!!! She will be prettied up of course!

This odd little stand/cabinet was $4.00, it was different and cute and hubby liked it so we got it. I am seeing black paint, lol.

A basket for .50....

And another .50 basket, these baskets hang on the wall and matched almost perfectly and one was from goodwill and one from a garage sale. I am going to paint them white and have plans for them! The letters were .50 each at goodwill and will be papered or painted and the quilting hoops were .99 each but were different shapes so I got them.

This shelf was 1.00, blah but the part with all the cubbies pops right out and I will keep it out and I have plans to hang something in it.

These are some vinyls, I got 4 for 1.00 each, these will make great signs.

This sweet little rocker needs some fixin up but was only 2.99, I want to paint it however am torn as I love the little vintage looking painting on it.

Ohhhh and this clock was $5, WAIT til you see it now!! It's drying but ohhhhh soooo cool now!!!

Chunky candle holder $1.49 at Goodwill...Love it...

Ok, so sorry for the ugly nastiness but I didn't realize it would be so noticeable in the picture. This was a craigslist find for 10.00. Wait til you see it nowwwww!

I got 3 of these little wooden prints for 2.00, and I have one redone and drying and wait til you see it!!! I love love love it!

This, not a good picture but I didn't care to share my messy pile of loot with you in the background. This was a craigslist find from the same person I got the coffee table from. It was $10. My mom painted one white and distressed it and painted a pretty little design on the back and gave it to my gramma and the kiddos use it when we are there, but when it's not being used it's just super cute sitting there so when I seen this I knew I wanted it to do just the same. She will be white too with some kind of letter stencil or something pretty...

I got these pears unopened in the box for .25, don't they look cute in my little jar?

This was a big lots find, the paper in the background was 2.00 for 25 sheets and it's amy butler, Love her stuff!

This was a freecycle find, and obviously FREE, from the same lady I also got a bunch of vintage bottles and jars, haven't taken there pic yet as they def need some cleaning. The pretty little hand mirror is broken but I will figure something out and I think it will all be painted. Maybe not. I saw this exact little tray at the Goodwill for 2.49 and wish I would of gotten it too.

These mats were from the lady with the coffee table, they are huge mats used for laying out I guess, well I have plans for them. Hopefully it works out....I got a box of them for 1.00.

Lighthouse, eh. Not a lighthouse person, they are neat just don't go with my stuff but with spray paint maybe I can find a place for them. the one is missing the top but it's in the box.

This wall planter was also from freecycle. Eh, but with some paint maybe. ( sorry it's sideways )

I also found the cloche with cheesboard I have been wanting sooooooo badly for 2.99 at Goodwill, I forgot a before picture :( but I already painted the cheeseboard and it's drying, so I will share it tomorrow as well. Also I found a great cake stand for 1.00 at goodwill, it was gold again forgot a before picture. She is heirloom white now and drying. Yesss heirloom white, you all have talked about it sooo much and I finally found some at Menards and LOVE it and couldn't believe that it was cheaper than walmarts cheap spray paint and I think it covers way better!!! I have soooo many redos to share tomorrow and can't wait!!! I also scored several old tin canisters off of freecycle and a few other odds and ins but didn't take pictures yet. Will share those later as well. Oh and another garage sale find was an old filing cabinet that is on wheels with a shelf on the bottom and it opens from the top, for 1.00, I will paint it and use it in my craft room. I know I am forgetting some finds, is it sad when you buy so much crap you can't remember what you got? Yes. But it was fun! I can't wait to see all of your finds from the week!

And this crazy cat, Kiki Boo is free to anyone who will take her. hahaha just kidding, really. My son would not like me. She is a good kitty, a little ( alot ) wacky but good. She is a major princess, seriously. She prances around and meows and she thinks her food bowl should be stocked at all times, she is a little cow. She eats sooooooo much. She will come up to me and nudge at me if she is out of food and when I am at the computer she jumps right up there. She also loves tiny spaces, she will find the teeny tiniest box or basket to snuggle up in.

Are you still with me? Did you make it this far? Don't forget to come back tomorrow and see my redos plus tomorrow I am doing a giveawayyyy, yipppeeee!!! Now head on over to Rhodas new blog and check out everyone elses awesome finds for the week!

Go enter my giveaway!! It's easy peasy to enter!!