Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I went krogering.....Check it out!

I promise all, I will start talking about more than just couponing but just had to share my awesome trip to krogers with you! I went with my huge stack of coupons in hand, I bought 105 items total and spend $120. We are having the mega event this week and next week where you save $5 off your total for every 10 participating items you buy and you can do this as many times as you like ( check your store first just in case, some are different ) Almost everything I bought was part of this deal, I 90 items that qualified so $45 should of been taken off at the end, somehow I only got $40 taken off and we double checked but I am still happy as they were super nice. I also would of saved more but the lady was new and several coupons I used did not come off my total. I also did receive 2 coupons off my next kroger purchase totaling $5 so woohoo!

Before coupons my total was almost $300 after the $40 mega savings and coupons I spent $120.43!!! Awesome! I was so excited as was my husband, I could see the sweat starting to drip before the savings came off, hahaha! Now I couldn't take pictures of everything but here is some of my deals! I used about 60 coupons, and lots of them doubled and I was not expecting that as they said no doubling on the coupon, so double score!

The yoplait delights were .74 each pack, the other yogurts were different prices, some under $1 and some a little over $1!

The pilsbury biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and crescents were one of my fave deals! These ranged in price from .30 to about .60 each. The bags of frozen biscuits had a peelie coupon on them and were about $1 in the end!

The betty crocker supreme brownie mixes were less than $1 and the cookie mixes were as well.

Lots of tuna and hamburger helper, not our faves but I do like the tuna helper and matching it with the 5 cans of free tuna I scored at kmart last week this makes for 5 nights of inexpensive dinners! These were about .60 a box!

The fruit snacks and granola bars were all under and around $1 a box!

My guys love these and they were about $1 a box each!

The cereal was another Awesome deal!!! Less than $1 a box!!! I bought 12 boxes plus have all the boxes another 8 from my kmart doubles!

So tomorrow it is reorganizing cabinets for me as we have no pantry for this, but I will make it fit somewhere as it's nice to have all this stock! It's so awesome saving money and we need to wherever and whenever we can!! If you have a kroger running the mega event now through next wednesday ( our ads end on wednesday and start on thursday ) and are new to this and have any questions I would love to try and help!! Also check out Charlene's blog My Frugal Adventures, you will learn so much about couponing there and she lists tons of great deals daily!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Love me some Shoppin at home!

First this post is so totally random and talks about 20 different things, so bare with me. So my friend Tracy and I are having a garage sale/craft sale/candle open house on Saturday. Geesh, could I add anything else to that? It was more of a garage sale/craft sale but then with the new fall/holiday products just being released I thought why not and added that in and invited people. So this is what I am preparing for this week, I will have TONS ( hopefully ) of pictures to show you of things I have redone at the end of the week. Seriously. Hopefully. Let's hope this lets to be a productive week. So anyway, Tracy brought over all or some of her stuff tonight, I'm not real sure. Well do you think any of it will make it to the garage sale? NO, I hate myself, ALOT of it will be staying with me. Yep, I am so buying some more junk. But just look at all the cute stuff!

2 of these huge pretty black and white floor cushions!!!

I don't have a girl, nor do I have pink anywhere but I do love these rugs! Maybe I could change out the trim to match my new craft room? These are pretty good size and there are 2.

You know we can make cute little boxes like this pretty and up to date!

She had a whole basket of cute jewelry!

A few neat jars!

Probably one of my favorites, this cute cute canvas picture! It's very good size! She said do you think you could redo this? Uh noooo it's cute as it is! Right?

Remember the part about totally random? Well here we go. So today I got a party order I placed with all my new fall pretties and smellies and oh my is it ever fun to open up these boxes full of candles and smell them all!!! Seriously one of my favorite parts about this business. I had 4 boxes of goodies! Though they aren't all mine I did get me a few for my party displays! Pumpkin pie, sugar cookie, Cozy Christmas, Autumn Walk, Caramel Ginger Strudel, sooooo many yummy ones! I started burning a gingerbread house today and Oh my goodness, it's awesome!

Some more yummo floor cleaner!! Love it!

The new pretty catalogs!!! Yippeee! Fall, Christmas!!

All kinds of diffusers, and the new emerge candle!!! Eeek!

The new apple dapple drops candles, So cute, right? And of course very yummo smelling!

Ok this little cutie is on clearance on my website, I almost didn't order it but I am so glad I did! Now I want another! It is soooo cute!!! It holds a votive and at $3.37 sign me up!

But this, this my lovelies is absolutely my favorite! Again, I almost did not order it but it was clearanced to $11.75 and it is sooooo much cuter in person! I love love love it! It's much bigger than I expected too!

And these, the Candy Cane Christmas Columns!! Love them!!! These go fast every year!! So cute! My husband asked where I got the Dr. Suess candlesticks, funny funny man. Tis why he does not decorating in the home.

And finally, the new sugar cookie diffuser....Sugar Cookie is one of my favorites!!! And now it comes in a diffuser and I love it! I had to use this one for myself!

More random....I never shared these, found them at Goodwill last Saturday and let's just say they got a new look. I was however a bit partial to them as my first sons room was done in this pattern. Awww...

And here is my desk I got for $25 that I never shared!!! Don't you love it!! The top drawers are fake but it opens from the top, sooo cute and will be great black with some distressing! Can't wait to finish it!!!

I told you, completely random tonight!! So much going on, so excited!! You can visit my website at to see any of the above candle goodies!! Also if you want a catalog and a tealight sample register on my website and I will mail you out one!! Those still waiting on theirs they will go out tomorrow as I receive more in the mail tomorrow!! Woohoo!!

I encourage you to invite a friend over and swap junk! It's fun, lol!

Have a Great Day!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

2 More Kmart trips....

I hit 2 different Kmarts today for doubles, I am wore out. I went to Kmart twice, Target, and Goodwill. I will show you my Goodwill finds tomorrow.

This is both of my kmart trips, Sorry I was way to lazy to break it all up and sort it. So here is the breakdown....

4 Boxes of Rice Krispies, 2.25 each and after coupons $1.00 total for all 4 plus I will get a $5 gift card back in the mail, So I am actually making $4.00 on the cereal!! Woohoo! Rice krispies for dinner, haha!

2 bottles of softsoap FREE, 1 bottle I bought without a coupon and it was clearanced for $2.00

2 packages of Bic triumph roller pens $2.99 each making them both FREE after 2 coupons.

The angel soft and sparkle paper towels were .45 cents total for the both of them together.

The 4 pack of Olay soap was on clearance for $3.50 and I had $1.00 off coupon making it $1.50

The canister of wet ones was about .25 after coupons, the package of them was FREE

The carnation breakfast mixes were 1.99 after coupon

2 bottles of softsoap hand soap were FREE

The tweezers were .25 after coupon

The bounce dryer bar was on sale for 5 something and I had $1.50 off coupon ( from vocal point, saving the others for target this week ) so it was 2 something after coupon. I couldn't wait, I am dying to try one.

The bounce dryer sheets were on clearance for 2.99, I have a .25 off coupon making them $2.50 which I thought was pretty good as it's a big box and them things are high.

The sobe waters were $1.00 for both after coupon

And the soft scrub pads were 2 something, no coupon they are new and I had to try them out!

The pantene gel was $1 something after coupon.

The arm and hammer detergent was 2 something ( or 3 ) after coupon.

Seriously Kmart was fun! Lots of Great deals with coupons! I could of done more but I was way to tired! There is talk of another doubles event coming up at the end of the month so get those coupons ready and if you want to know more of where all the deals and steals are as well as where to get your coupons I highly recommend checking out Charlenes blog over at My Frugal Adventures! She is AWESOME! She posts tons of deals daily as well as shopping lists of how to use your coupons for the best deal each week!

At target I got quite a few deals too, including the beneful for $1 something after coupon and the Purina one was 3 something after coupon. I also found 2 more boxes of my oranges for $1.24 each ( cheaper than I got them last week I believe ), I also found oshkosh jeans for the little guy for $3 on clearance. I used my pepperidge farm coupons and got 2 packages of cookies for 1.50 each, just what I need. Do you use coupons? Do you shop the Kmart Double events? I would love to hear your latest deals!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

More TJMaxx Clearance...

I ran to TJMaxx in hopes to fin my son some jean shorts as I haven't been able to find him any for school and he needed a couple more pair. I did find one pair and some other little goodies.

I LOVE this, love the color, love the chippiness, it's so cute and was only $5.99! How cute would this be with some little towels rolled up in it? I would love to do a color like this with a shabby chic pink in my bathroom but I don't see it happening in the main bathroom. Somewhere, someday I will have a pink room.

This jar is huge! It was on clearance for $5.50. They had alot of them. I am a sucker for pretty jars. I have no idea what I will put in it, something fall. I need some super long cinnamon sticks, lol.

This is probably my favorite find. One of the handles is broke but it was a clean break so once glued you won't even notice. It was clearanced for $2.00!!!! I love the color!!!

This matches one I found last time on clearance, it was .70.

The letter was .30, ohhhh I so wish they would of had more! That is a deal for an 8 inch letter and they are so easy to redo.

This towel bar was $2.00, I bought it's twin awhile back at Marshalls so when I seen this I got it too.

These were a find from my own stash, I found them in a box. Aren't they cool, Big Lots has them for $1.00. These would be neat hanging from baskets or something.

TJMaxx also had lots of great clearance buys in the toys. I found a whac a mole board game for $3.00, my husband a super hero toy ( yes I know )for $2.00, wooden puzzle games for $1.00, they had lots of different things. The toy bars for strollers and car seats for $2 or $3. I bought a few things to put back for Christmas.

Now I must get to work! My dad and stepmom left today :( and now I must get busy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goodwill Finds and More on my Things To Do list...

Edited for Thrifty Treasures over at Rhodas Southern Hospitality!! Click the image below after your done here and go check out everyones thrifty finds for the week!

Today we all took a trip to Goodwill for something to do. The goodwill we went to I haven't been in years. It had a great selection of fixer upper pieces. I had so much fun and since my dad and stepmom were with me we had a truck for hauling, woohoo!

I bought this dresser for $30 and I love it! I cannot wait to redo it! This is going to look awesome in black! I love the little drawers on it and the hardware even. It's banged up and will need lots of sanding but it is sturdy and clean.

I wanted this desk, it was only $15 but I wasn't sure that it would fit in my dads truck. Well after they finished loading up the dresser the lady was like are you sure you don't want that desk? My dad didn't actually go into Goodwill he stayed in the car with my oldest and they both napped :) But as you can see my dad bought me the desk and I am so glad I love it! It's nice and big and very heavy and sturdy and will be perfect in my office/craft room! I can't wait to paint it! I was going to do white but I think it will end up black too, lol.

I found this toile valance that is super long and has pretty ball fringe on it, it was $3.49.

I got this cloche/cheeseboard for 2.99. I don't like the board but like the cloche.

Now I have no idea what I will do with this other than spray paint it white, but I love it! It's HUGE! It had a TjMax tag on it still. What would you do with it? Please don't say burn it.

Seriously, you can't tell in the pictures but it's massive! This would make such a neat light but I don't have that much patience, lol.

I found some vinyl textured wallpaper with little Fleur Di Lis all over it. This will be cute for something!

I found these red gingham placemats for 1.49 for both. I thought maybe my grams could use them. She loves red.

These cute little bug flashcards that I am going to use for something in my sons room. These were .49 cents.

I don't know about you, but my project list is seriously miles long. I have some serious goals to get most of it done in the next week or too before all the fall fun begins. So what's your favorite? The desk? Dresser? Nothing? I have been really horrible the past few weeks at responding to your lovely comments. I read each one of them and love them. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on my posts, and I promise, I will get better at keeping up with them, it's just been a crazy few weeks!

Go Here and Here, and here to check out my other finds this week from TJMaxx, Jcpenney, and my free groceries from Kmart!!! Lots of goodies this week!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A little shopping, and some NEW goodies...

First off, Thanks for all the tips on my kitchen pictures yesterday! I am removing the shelf and hubby says I have to do it myself, lol. I can't wait to get the kitchen done!! As I mentioned my dad and stepmom are down visiting from Oklahoma. It's been great! Tonight we went to the Jcpenneys and then out to dinner at Carlos O' Kellys, it was so good! We haven't had mexican food in what seems like forever! Jcpenneys had sooooo many neat things and TONS of clearance. We had to get the oldest a new pair of nikes for school and had a $10 off coupon.

I found these numbered boxes marked half off at 9.99! I love love love them and am so glad I got them! We could all make these right? But sometimes it's just nice to buy them and have it and I thought 9.99 for the set was good.

I love the colors!

These birds are sooooo cool! They are huge and heavy! These were like 19.99 on clearance and all their clearance is like 50% off the already reduced price so these were 9.99! My stepmom bought me this one! I can't wait to find a spot for him! Love it! These are on their website and look the same, only online they are shown in a set of 2 clearanced for 9.99!

I loveeeeeeeeee this big pretty pear!!! At first I wasn't going to get it but I am so glad I did! It was 9.99 with an additional 50% off that too! Score! It's big and heavy!

They had all kinds of other deals! I got my little guy these little boat shoes on clearance for about $7. I also got each of the boys 2 pairs of pjs and lots of other clothes. The pjs were 3 and 4 piece sets clearanced at 14.99 with another 50% off of that! Great deal! My oldest loves them, he found his favorite characters. Hubby was hoping for some in his size but no go ( thank Goodness ), lol. They had lots of clothes cheap!

Ok, no I didn't buy any of the next few things I am showing you but I found these on their website while shopping online and thought I'd share a few. I love this little horse!

Love this birds nest mirror!!!

I have always loved shelves like these!!! I also love the color of this one!

This is probably my favorite! I want a dressform and love the rattan ones!

More dressforms!!

These are soooooooo neat!!!

And yes another....

Love these shabby chic boxes!!!

Ohhhhhh and this is awesome!!! Love it! Wouldn't look to great against my red walls though.

I have always loved the vintage metal baskets!!! These are Great!!! I know there is a coupon code right now for $10 off a $10 purchase online, I found the code GET4BTS ( don't yell at me if it don't work )while googling for one. I did try this code out and it took off the $10 at checkout, so hopefully it will. If it don't work google Jcpenney promo code and your bound to find one if you want to shop online. Do you ever do that when shopping online? I learned that a few months back, you can google just about anywhere and find an online coupon.

Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday!! I will be doing a giveaway soon so be watchin!!!!