Monday, March 1, 2010

I will be back....

 Kitchen paint colors. ( except the tan color )

I promise, I will be back very soon. A lots been happening over here. A LOT. Among a cranky toddler getting in tons more toofers and everyone going through their monthly colds here we have been organizing, painting ( lots more painting this weekend ), plus a few things being done to the house like a new furnace last week, tomorrow a few ( yup a few, not all but a few, it's a start ) new windows, etc. I have so much to share and show you and I cannot wait!

Lots of changes to come here at Bugaboos Creations as well, bigger projects, how tos, lots of organizing tips for smaller homes ( like ours ), how to make the not so perfect home your kind of perfect with little to no money.

Our house is a much older home, it was the one we could get and we were so sick of renting after 7+ years we jumped on it. We are a family of 4,  it's basically a 2 bedroom ( the master bedroom more suited as a closet ), 1 bath house, galley style kitchen, no garage, unfinished basement, etc. It has newer laminate wood ( which isn't even that wonderful looking ) flooring, and new kitchen cabinets when we moved in and that was about all the new we got. The walls are the old sheet rock kind, there is missing trim here and there, everything except the upstairs needed paint, the bathroom was way gross and hasn't changed since we moved in, ( almost 2 years ago ) until now, the living room/dining room was just odd, it's one huge room that is all open to each other and very difficult, the dining half is larger than the living room half, there is next to no wall space as it's broken up with doorways and windows, the living room had an odd little room that was open off of it and we did add a wall there with french doors, which is now my craft room, our bedroom is so tiny and hideous, no flooring ( yea really ), it had carpet but was nasty and had to be ripped up so now there is nothing still, there is basically room for a bed ( not really ), and a dresser.

Anyway, lots of little things are needed to be done here and there and that's what we have been working on. We cannot afford to do any major renovations at all, and after renting for 7+ years we are tired of not being able to make it ours. You don't have to have a ton of money and you don't have to completely overhaul and gut that hideous bathroom to make it your kind of Beautiful and I am going to show you just that. I completely changed my bathroom that had cracked walls full of holes, the bottom half of the wall was tiled and awful, and it's completely different now and all for under $40 and it could have been free had I not needed a shower curtain, and had I stuck with the free paint I already had.

My sis!!!

I planned this post for last week but that didn't happen either as my lil sis came to visit for a week and she kept my busy and wore me out! Her and my two little nieces stayed with us and we had a blast!! I miss her already and hate that we live so far apart :(


Also if you have any interest in couponing, I have been posting a little info on my experiences with it at my other blog here.

So stay tuned, I am alive and will be back no later than the end of the week with lots of great things!!!