Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More of Moms Beauties, Prim Dollies, and more, lots of pictures!

My Mom is a crafter as you know if you have read my previous post here on some of her creations. She has been crafting many many years. She taught herself how to sew at a very young age and that is how she started. Then later on she got into woodworking and started making primitive furniture, cabinets, benches, shelves, whatever she thought up. Then she got back into sewing and started selling on Ebay a few years back, she is Patty Cake Primitives. Now mostly she does paper clay dolls, snowmen, santas, she does alot of needle felting ( no clue what that is, lol ), she makes the cutest little Mice! Anyways I thought I would share with you a few of her past creations she has made, these are all originals, her designs no patterns, etc. Enjoy!

I love these little dollies, and what a cute little table she made for them. These were part of her doll line called the HogJaw Dolls, hence the chubby little cheeks. It's something my Gramma has always said about the little ones, oh look at those little hogjaws, and then lots of cheek pinching was usually involved, hehe. Love it! The heads of these dolls she sculpts out of paper clay and antiques them a bit.

I love this little set too and love that old trunk she fixed up!

Her angels are one of my favorites! You can hang them too, they look super cute hanging on an old door or a prim shelf...I love that grungy polka dot dress!

These have to be one of my favorites, These were from one of her lines as well, these are all sculpted out of paper clay and they stand on little paper mache boxes that open up!

Ohhhh and her cute bunnies! I love this ole bunny and all the little bunnies!

I think this was Penny another from the HogJaw line, love it!

And here is one of those little mousers I told you I love! These are needle felted, again I am clueless, lol.

And look at this pouting little cutie! Man I only wish I had half of her talent!

More bunnies, This is a family of bunnies, Ma, Pa, and the little kiddies....

This is another HogJaw Dolly, She is too cute!

Being we are only a few days away from the Fourth of July, I thought I would share a couple of her patriotic creations...Here is an Uncle Sam doll she did.....

And this set I love, 3 Little Mice celebrating the holiday on their little parade float which is an old vintage mouse trap that she added some wheels too. Love that little tiny flag!

Unfortunately she has not crafted in almost a year as she went back to work ( construction ) and has moved but she will be back very soon and I can't wait! I do all of her listings and the selling part for her and she does the sewing and crafting part, I am currently workin on a blog for her as we did away with her website, we still have the address so it will be http://www.pattycakeprimitives.net/ I will definately post when it's up and runnin! Thanks for Stoppin by!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Old Rusty Tub turned Pretty?

I am entering this little beauty in the trash to treasure party and You can see more Trash to Treasure by visiting Kimm over at Reinvented for her Trash to Treasure party! It's not 4th of July related but I thought it was summery with all the greenery, maybe I am crazy, who knows. I like it though....While your over there take a look through Kimms blog she is amazing and has so many wonderful ideas!

I have had this old rusty, dirty tub that I bought seriously forever ago for a couple dollars off of Craigslist, I was buying something else from the lady and she had this so I said why not...Well it has sat and collected dust for too long...Soooo....I cleaned, painted, and antiqued it a bit and here it is....



Whatcha thinkin? I had no clue what to do with this, originaly I thought it would be cute just painted up with a quilt kind of hanging off the side, you know what I mean...but it's to yuck on the inside for that and no it's not cleanable. Then I added some foam to the bottom and started adding FAKE plants ( or I'd be replacing them in a week, haha ) and whatever else.... I especially loved the raised letters on this tub, I just got a tiny bit of black paint on my brush and blotted most of it off and rubbed it a bit across the letters to make them stand out a bit...I was originally going to stencil a big letter on it because I had never noticed the word Atlantic on there but I like this better...

Hubby surprisingly really liked it all but the star, that was actually my favorite part, what a shocker. I actually like how it turned out. This tub had a metal lid but I didn't use it as I liked it without and wanted to display something in it....

Ok now onto other projects...Remember those apples we all once loved? Well this is another project I have going, redoing this table. It was my grammas a long time ago and she let me use it and it's been in storage and I thought I'd redo it for her...Her fave color is red so can you guess what color I am painting it? lol...Tough one, eh...It's a really cute table underneat the apples and navy blue. That will be finished tonight some come back and see it tomorrow!

Now for my next project, these were off one of those junky particle board cabinets we bought a while back for our sons room to keep his dvds and video games in, well about 2 months after we got it one of the doors fell off and tonight I remembered we still had it and the old brain started working and yup these are going to be pretty, some come back and see what I turn them into!

Next is this 15 x 27 inch picture frame that I believe was only 5.00 last year on black friday ( one of my fave days of the year ), I had hubby finally hang it on the wall and yep it's empty, well today I was going to add pictures but now I am changing it up a but, so come back and see that as well!

Hopefully these projects will be done tomorrow! The table is almost done so I will definately have that up tomorrow! Thanks for stoppin by!
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Paint + Me = Disaster...

These pictures are horrible ( please ignore my paint mess in the background )...One is with the flash and one without. I have it all painted but still have to screw the back top on and do something with the little wood finial things that are on it. I painted it with black satin paint and to me it just looks to shiny, though I will say the first picture I promise it's really not that shiny it just looks that way in the picture. I don't know, I guess it turned out ok, I just usually hate everything I paint or do, lol. My husband loves it so that is something as him and I have COMPLETELY different taste and he usually doesn't understand anything I do. Anyway, just babbling, I will show you the finished piece later this evening! What do ya think so far?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Garage Sale Goodies....

Oh how I love garage sales! Unfortunately I never get to go! I probably could more but I hate going by myself. Anyways today we went to a couple, we got started very late as hubby had to work and then I had to deliver some candle orders. We also stopped at the salvation army and there I hit the mother load of goodies!

I found this cute little jar for only .79 and several other littles ones that you see for .39! Woohoo!

This little beat up silver cup was only .39 as well, It's pretty beat up but that is what I love about it!

This little thing with the silver bowls in it I am not so sure about, I have seen similar items that people have found while blog hoppin but this one is different than those, but I figured if I paint the middle piece it will look alot better. I believe it was 1.79.

I love love love this little set, these were 1.49 I believe. They are so cute and are in excellent shape! Would you like cream with that? Hahaha, sillly me....

And this be my favorite find of all!!! This was only 10.00, you can't see the top but it has a back on it with pretty wooden decals on it, no idea what you call them. I love the hardware and the little keyholes, won't she be pretty black and antiqued? Ohhh I can't wait to finish it, this will definately get worked on tonight. It's very shiny so I have lots of sanding to do, but other than that, it's a solid sturdy little dresser. I had to have it, hubby took us home and went back and yes shoved it in our car, lol. We so need a truck, If we had a truck my house would be full, seriously.

I also found this set of wood bowls, the big bowl and 4 little bowls for 3 something. Not sure what I will do with the little ones but the big one I want to paint black but no no no I will paint it white as I need more than black. Any ideas for the little ones? In this picture you can kind of see the back of the dresser that I am talking about and the little wooden things, lol.

Some other goodies I scored were some small styrofoam trees for .39, a bag of baby blocks, new shoes for my littlest bugaboo for 1.00, and a couple of tommy outfits, but I won't bore you with those pictures. Oh and I got a nice wooden breadbox that just needs some paint and antiquing, not sure about using it as a breadbox but will work for something and only 1.49! Come back tomorrow and see what I do with all of my goodies! I can't wait to see all of your weekend finds!

Stop by Southern Hospitality and see everyones Great finds for the week! Go share your finds for the week too, I can't wait to see them!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last Day to Save and Enter to Win a 16oz of your choice!

If you have read my profile you know that I am a independant demonstrator for Gold Canyon Candles. Well they are celebrating there 12th Anniversary and have a new special running now through June 23rd, Visit http://www.candleflavor.com/ and receive $12 off your purchase of $50 or more and as always orders under $75 pay only $5.95 for shipping! Enter Code CADW12year at checkout!
!!!!Keep on readin for info on the giveaway!!!!

Now I know I am a new blogger and yes if you look on the sidebar I have 4 followers, but I don't care, lol! I like to give stuff away so I am doing it! There is just no way I can wait until my hundreth post! So I may look like a sad little fool but hey who cares, you just might win one of the best candles ever for FREE!

Now about the giveaway....

I am doing a giveaway myself, Anyone who visits my website and registers as a customer ( no purchase necessary for this ) to receive special promotions and savings via email and mail will be entered into a drawing to receive a FREE 16oz Heritage of your choice and a wick dipper! You can enter to win now through the 23rd of June! You can also leave your email address in a comment and I can enter it for you but it is better if you do it on my website with your address as then you will receive a FREE tealight sample and catalog in the mail from me! By registering you get to be the first to hear about new specials and promotions! I don't overload your inboxes and mailboxes with spam, I usually send out 2 emails a month and you might receive 1 special or 2 from Gold Canyon themself a month as well.

Want a couple of extra entries into the drawing?

1 extra entry for tweeting about this giveaway

2 extra entries for blogging about it

5 extra entries for making any purchase off my website over $10

2 extra entries for following my blog

Ok so I know this post is getting longer and longer but Lemme just tell you about these fabulous candles for a second if you haven't already used them yourself. First off the scent lasts the ENTIRE candle, Secondly they are double wicked ( except the smaller ones ) and burn down to the bottom leaving no wax build up on the sides which means you have a pretty jar to reuse after the candle is gone, Third if you keep the wick trim and use your wick dipper to put the candle out ( never blow a candle out! ) you won't get all that nasty black soot!

Now if you don't burn candles in the summer then you must try a scent pod warmer or a diffuser, these are just as Awesome as the candles. They are also soooo pretty! You must must must try the Ginger Lime, it is the most fabulous scent, it's a clean citrusy smell and I am not kidding my friends it's awesome. Oh and we don't only sell fabulous candles, we have plant based all natural cleaner that is fabulous, At an open house a couple of weeks ago I sold 6 bottles of that, it smells sooooo good and it's Awesome! Also we have the Emerge body line and that is another popular one, at my open house a friend of mine who is a massage therapist did hand massages with the lotion and I sold several bottles of it as well. It's a nice soft scent and it leaves your hands sooo soft and not oily.

To register visit www.CandleFlavor.com and click on candles, then click on the register link to the right! Alright, I think I covered everything, lol....If you have any questions please do ask, I love answering your emails!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I think I'm in heaven....

So tonight we took a trip to Jcpenney as I had a $10 off a $10 purchase coupon that was expiring and wanted to use it, well they were getting ready to close so we didn't get to look much and I just grabbed a few outfits for the little ones, I will show you those in a minute but as we were checking out I seen some awesome bedding displayed on a bed so I decided to look it up on there site when I got home and sure enough there it was and it's all the color I have been wanting in my bedroom....Well forever I have had toile bedding, I have the waverly black and white toile quilt and other stuff, I am a huge lover of all things toile but thought I should do something completely different in my bedroom and was wanting my colors to be like a burnt orange, robins egg blue, and brown and this bedding has all those colors....Here it is...

Isn't it pretty? But here is the dilemma, keep in mind I have toile now and have had for many years...I found this bedding while on there website....

Isn't it gorgeousssssss!!!!!! I love love love love love it! and it also comes in this color....

Isn't it beautiful????? I am thinkin I might have toile for many years more, lol. What would you do? And what on earth color would I paint my walls with this bedding? I wanted chocolate brown walls for the other bedding or for anything lol. But what color would go with these? I don't do white or off white, I don't know I just like color on my walls. I am in love with this bedding though and someday she shall be mine!

Ok so enough about my dream bedding...Here is another dilemma for ya..our bedroom is soo so very teeny tiny...I mean teeny tiny....Do you get where I'm goin? It's small. We barely have room for our king size bed, a dresser, and nightstand. Unfortunately we have much more crammed in there right now. Anyways our bedroom and our bugaboo #2's room is on the main floor of the house. Bugaboo #2's room is currently my storage/craft room and needs to soon become his room although it would make the MOST AWESOME office/craft room. It is right off the living room and it used to be open to the living room but my dad built a wall and closed it off with french doors last summer. Anyways Bugaboo #1's room is upstairs in the attic, ok this is not any ole attic, it freakin rocks. It's huge and has tall ceilings with pretty wood beams going across the top and is all open and has all kinds of neat cubbies and such. Well I want that for a Master soooo bad, not only would it make a great room for us but we could have a little sitting area up there, I could have a nice office area, tons of storage and if we wanted we could have Bugaboo #2 up there with us and make him his own little space until he's older ( his crib is in our bedroom now ). Our bugaboo #2 has SOOOOOO much stuff though, I am not kidding, tons of toys and junk and our room is way to small for him but would make more sense with a twin bed in it, however the reason we put him upstairs to begin with is we did not want both kiddos on the main floor by themselves. Hence my dilemma, what would you do? Leave it as is and have a tiny bedroom and no office/craft room or switch rooms? I need help/suggestions pretty please.

Ok so here is what I got at Jcpenney with my coupon for the kiddos, our littlest guy has no clothes as he has grown sooo fast and we just haven't shopped for summer yet.

I got 3 outfits and 1 tshirt for the littlest guy and a tshirt for the big guy and spent 12.00! My husband hates these one piece rompers but I love them especially when you gotta go out and it's super hot these are somewhat cooler for the little guy.

They are having an awesome clearance sale right now...A great time to stock up for back to school, they had these cute tshirts for 3.99 and 3.19 and tons of cute kids clearance for baby and big boys. They also had lots of baby things on clearance, diaper bags, lots of adorable baby bedding, mobiles, comforters, wall stuff, and super soft blankies if you need a baby gift for someone.

Welp hope I didn't bore you too long, lol. Have a Great Monday!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I finished it and Sale Photos!!!!!

Remember that chalkboard chicken I told you about a few posts ago? Well here she is, isn't it silly? One day I had the ole paintbrush out and chalkboard paint out to paint a window and ended up with this as well. We are all guilty of it, right? Just agree. You know you get out your paint and brush to do a project and then you start to look around your house and think hmmm...what else could I paint? I know, I'm nutty, lol. But hey haven't you always wanted a chalkboard chicken? I know it's on everyones things to get list. Anywho this my momma made me years ago and she used to be white Until....my oldest ( when he was a wee little one ) decided to color it and well that was years ago too but she is just now getting her long awaited makeover, lol. Nuttttyyyyy....

Remember this hideous thing?

Well it looks like this now!!! Ok so it's not perfect, I am so not a painter but it looks soooo much better! I did not realize how many dings and dents it had in it til I got the black paint on it but hey it's supposed to look old, right? At least that's what I am telling myself, lol! I didn't get a very good picture as I am pretty sure you don't want to see the rest of my house right now, it's baddddd! I am having a garage sale in a few hours and it's all kinds of ugly in here right now, no garage to set it all up in so here it is in the dining room, oh I can't wait til it's all gone! Pray that it goes well! Oh at that is not dirt on the floor, my laminate is a wreck and all dinged up from the previous owners, I swept the little teeny tiny area all for you, lol. What see my other goodies I am selling? Why not, I don't have anything else to do, been up all night pricing and folding and organizing at the last minute, and still have so much more and only 4 hours left and runnin on empty, lol. But I am fuelin up with a much needed cup ( cups ) of coffee so I will show you a few things for the sale today.

Click the pictures to make them larger if you like. My momma of course made this....
You will be seeing several things she made in the next few pictures....Don't you love this door
Table? She has made lots of these and I am a proud owner of one a little different
but oh so fabulous, I will share that with you later.

This has to be one of my favorite benches! I love the old looking paint, would love to be able to do that! So neat!

Some cute little stacking benches she made!

Love the window shelves! I have several neat old windows and am definately going to ATTEMPT this with one. I have never actually nailed,
or screwed or whatever anything together lol, but hey why not?

Ok so this pretty thing isn't in the sale as she already sold it but I just had to show it to ya, isn't it beautiful! She never finished it but what is done
took over 6 months to do. Look at the detail! I would love to move right into this, doesn't it look like your looking at photos of a home?

Ok well that is most of the cool stuff, lol. I doubt you want to see pics of clothes and junk, ok so maybe the junk.
But I must get back to work!
Have a wonderful Saturday and Wish me Luck today!