Monday, December 21, 2009

Vintage Looking Blocks for the Kiddos...

My last post was Tuesday with all kinds of plans to post upcoming projects that well I didn't. What's new right? I promise it will get better after Christmas. I have so many plans for this blog, so many projects I want to finish and share. I have been a bit sad that yet again another Christmas is almost over, it comes and goes so fast. But now I am actually looking forward to the new year and everything to come for 2010. I have been finishing up a few orders, packaged and mailed EVERYTHING this morning and it feels good. Is my shopping done? No. Have I been able to bake anything yet? No. Heck not even all my Christmas decorating is complete. But packages are mailed and that is enough to make me happy today :) I am not a big baker, would love to be but my kitchen is blah. It's one of those sweet little kitchens that's more like a hallway. Not so sweet though.

Anyways our 8 year old is on break, everyone seems to be feeling much much better. Including myself. The littlest guy had started getting another cold and was coughing a bunch but is fine now.

Aren't these cute? I love love love the vintage paper I used for these.

I wish I had tons more of it.

And these? Again loving the vintage paper. These are fun for a play room or little ones room.

Now I PROMISE to be back tonight or first thing in the morning with some pictures of around the house ( yikes ) and a couple of projects that are NOT blocks :) Hopefully tonight but the Mr. has to work on my laptop a bit as I am having issues yet again. My aim won't work and I can't be without it, that's how I talk to my peeps, haha. Ok really my Grams and I do bug husband on it lots Occasionally as he has it at work too.

In the meantime go ever and check out my moms blog, she built an amazing fake fireplace!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DIY Gifts....Here's one for the Twilight Fans.

Jen from Tatertots & Jello is hosting a Homemade gift party and I'm joining in! Need ideas for some last minute gifts? Head on over ( after you hangout here for a bit :) and checkout everyone's wonderful diy gift ideas!

I know some of these I have showed you before but thought I would recap a few past ones for ideas for gift giving!

I know your shocked, right? It's blocks. Again. I can't help myself though. Plus I am making a bunch of these for gifts so this has been pretty much it for the last week or two. My sisters who are Twilight obsessed mentioned that we should get together and make up some twilight goodies. Well immediately I got started on a few ideas I had. I took my blocks that hubby cut from a 2x4 for me, he cuts them 4 inches tall, then I printed out some Twilight images in black and white that I found on google images. Cut them down to size and modge podged them on. I love them and think these would make a wonderful gift cutely packaged for that twilight fan on your list! These would also be great with family photos, pet photos, etc. Which I am currently working on all the above for a few gifts. 

These I made with scrapbook paper and vintage looking flashcards. Don't you just love polka dots?

I have some more polka dot blocks coming tomorrow. You can't wait, right? But I made them from the CUTEST Christmas wrapping paper ever.

Who wouldn't love a set of personalized blocks? You could print out the pictures, decoupage them on, and add the family name, the year the family was est. so many different things you could do.


More blocks...these I made with burlap, upholstery tacks, and flashcards.

Here's another super easy and inexpensive gift idea. Washer necklaces, So cute, easy, and these to can be personalized. I use rub ons to personalize them and they work great!

Or the glass pendant necklaces would be an easy cute one as well! Scrabble tile ones are fun too!

What about a cute frame? This one was made out of an old frame, the matting is textured wallpaper that was painted and distressed, then just add your photos! Super cute!

Come back tomorrow and I will share some other cute gift ideas!!! DIY magnets, a super cute and inexpensive photo wreath, and a frugal yet awesome teachers gift!

I am also linking up to DIY day over at Kimbas a Soft Place to Land, head on over and check out what everyone has been working on this week!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Burlap Wall Hooks....DIY day!

First let me say it's 5:47 am, and I have NOT been to bed. Now I stay up late way to much but this is just awful. My littlest bugaboo, whom is one is yes sick again. I am not sure we will ever be rid of the colds, coughs, sniffles, and flu in this house. It's AWFUL! Anyone else feel this way? We are all JUST getting over it, my tonsils are just now feeling better and here the poor little guy has it all over again and way worse. I called the nurse a couple of hours ago as he is breathing very hard and so congested, and coughing like crazy, but she said to do what we have been doing and so I will just call the Doc in the morning. Oh and get this! Our oldest is in second grade, Guess how many kids were in school in his class today? FOUR! The rest out sick. I have to admit at first I played with the idea that it was our fault as all the boys were just at our house, lol but no.

Anyway...It's Snowing! Yeahhhhhhh! I hear snow plows and I love it!!! I love love love the snow! We have winter storm advisorys today!! Wooohooo!

Ok, so I bought these hooks over the summer at Hobby Lobby, they were in the 90% off clearance and I love getting things like this as you know you can alter them. These yes are cute but not my cute.

So of course I added some burlap and cut out stencils with my cricut expression, then got out the black paint and stenciled away. Numbers + Burlap = My obsession. Love them. It's just to easy.

I am participating in DIY day for the first time in FOREVER over at Kimba's. Seriously it's been awhile. Things have been crazy hectic but I can't let that get me and my blog down. Go over and check out everyone's Awesome Diy Projects! Be prepared to be inspired! I will have a few more DIY's up in todays party!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Paper Ball Ornaments....

I have seen these before and tried to make them but failed, well then in my daily emails I get from Martha low and behold she had a tutorial and it made so much more sense and I LOVE them!! I can't wait to make a bunch more, I am working on some pretty toile ones that I can use all year in a bowl or big jar.

You could make them as big or as little as you want, make some out of vintage images from childrens books and hang them from the ceiling in a playroom or little girls room, How cute would that be! Mine I just made with some random paper as I wanted to make sure it would turn out, but there are lots you could do to dress these up. Add some letters or numbers too, how cute and easy! You can check out Martha's tutorial right here.

I've been filling jars with ornaments

and putting out the rest of the Christmas pretties....

And cleaning up messes....

Last night we had 8 boys plus our own, EIGHT, 6 of which stayed all night.It was seriously crazy. Our son turned 8 on Thursday and we had a sleepover last night. This guy here was great, played with them and kept them entertained until after 1am when the last one finally fell asleep. Yes ONE AM. Fun was had by all though and the Birthday boy deserved it :) But now we are wore out and there is cake and crumbs all over the floor, toys everywhere, and lots of cleaning to do all over again.

Having that many boys together, you get to see what your kids are seeing, hearing, and learning at school and let me tell you it makes me want to lock my kid up at home and never let him leave the house. It amazes me what just 7 and 8 year old boys already know, it's scary. But we can only do so much, and there is just no way to protect them from it all, just got to keep teaching them right from wrong and do our best. It's funny, things that were said, words that I heard whispered, and my son would say what's that mean? What's that mom?

Anyways, all your Christmas decorating done? What about your shopping? I can't believe Christmas is already almost here. I wish I could slow down time as it's going way to fast for me. I am not ready for it to be over yet.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guess What??

My mom is finally back to crafting and she now has a blog! Yeahhhh! She took about a year off from crafting for not so fun life stuff and she also works construction in the summer which leaves absolutely no time for creating. But it's winter ( woohoo! ) and she has been crafting away! Go here and check out her blog and here to check out her new goodies in etsy! She will have lots more to come!! She is uber talented! Check out some of her past creations as well as her newest....

 I love love love her Santas, so detailed and so cute! She has made lifesized ones too that are super cool!

And this one....

And a little Snowman Make do!


She sculpts the heads out of paper clay, Amazing!

And these sweet little things, I loveeee! These are all sculpted as well!

And her dollies, love the dolls!!

I want every single one of these. Love the little elephant!

This was one of the very first door benches she made for me, unfortunately I don't have it anymore. I gave it to my brother :( But I have a new one! Aren't these super cool? Don't make fun of my junk on there, lol.

This I do still have. This is one of my favorite things I own. She was having a garage sale one day and so was the lady across the street, we went over bought this for $10, she seriously had it painted and done for me by the end of the night! I love love love it!

This Angel is soooo Beautiful! I love it and definitely love the color!! I just listed it for her in her etsy shop here. Gorgeous! It's all made out of paper clay and paper mache!


This cute little hanging angel is up in her etsy shop here too. So adorable!

Cool huh? Go over here and check out her blog!!! Her blog is a work in progress but I will get it there for her! She is completely computer illiterate so I have to teach her everything, haha. Stop over and tell her hi! Oh and did I mention her name Patty Cake Primitives? Cute, right? Maybe you have seen her on ebay, she has sold their for a few years under pattycakeprimitives, she also used to have a website.

Ok off to bed, my tonsils hurt so bad. I don't think I will EVER get rid of this cold :(