Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Talented Mom!!!

My mom is soooooo incredibly talented! I ended up with none of it, however. I will say though the things I make or remake are not incredible, I am quite proud of them as is my mom. She has tried for yearssss to get me to craft with her and though I always wanted to I just never picked it up, never could for the life of me put something together but then....I had my second baby in November of 08 and was on a very tight budget and wanted some neat things to decorate his nursery with, well I had always collected craft items, scrapbooking stuff, old pieces to redo, my mom even bought me a sewing machine for Christmas one year ( still haven't used it but I just had to have it! ) so one day about a month or two after he was born, I just started making things, I started making a few baby blocks, pictures, etc. and now I am completely hooked and the ideas just keep flowing. It's actually really exciting and so much fun! I do however get REALLY discouraged when I cannot get it right and I do end up hating everything I make but my mom when she saw a few of the things ( she knows how I am ) she could not believe I made them. Well anyway, I am crafting now and she isn't, lol...She went back to work doing construction and currently isn't making anything, bummer. I really hope she gets back into it soon as she has some serious talent. Plus that my house needs some new pieces, lol. Just about everything I have she made me. I love it!

Ok so my purpose of this post is to show you just how crafty she is, So here is several pieces she has created in the past! These are just a few of the Wonderful things she has made. She sews, makes the cutest dolls and what not, and does woodworking. I will post pictures later of all the pieces she has made me. I just love sharing her work with anyone and everyone as it is so awesome!

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jenjen said...

Wow - all of those things are beautiful. Those are the things that your mom as made, right? She is very talented. I am sure your projects are cute too!

Thanks for coming over and saying hi. Your kids are adorable. I am excited to get to know you!