Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blog Award!!!

The ever so lovely Sarah over at The Mama Canon blog was ever so nice as to pass this award on to me and me being so horrible and just now posting it, like seriously 2 weeks later! Sorry Sarah, I really do appreciate you thinking of me!!

I am now supposed to share 10 Honest Things about me so I'm going to give it a shot!

These are all honest and probably boring little facts, or quirky things about me.

1. I'm a homebody. Ok more like a hermit, haha. I love to just be at home with the family. Sometimes it's hard to get me out of the house ( unless you say garage sale or Goodwill, haha ). I love hangin at home with the kiddos and the hubby too, watchin movies, craftin, bloggin, etc.

2. I am seriously addicted to those horrible energy drinks, monster being my favorite. They don't bring me energy either.

3. I love love love rain, stormy weather, snow, fall, winter, love it! Would take a snowstorm over warm weather anyday. Seriously when it starts raining or it is snowing, I smile, a big smile. And I take lots of pictures. Last winter I would be outside at 4am taking pictures of the snow. I love fall, it's sweatshirt weather! I am a jeans and tees, sweatshirt, and my tennies girl. Love it!

4. I love music, I almost always have music on at home and especially when I am on the lappytop.

5. I don't watch tv. I can't tell you the last time I turned on the tv, I used to watch alot of tv. We watch alot of movies but I haven't done much of that either in the past few months. My favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama! Loveeee it! My favorite tv show is Greys Anatomy!

6. I'm craaaazyyyy. Seriously am. I like to act like a teenager, especially when my sisters are here. We usually take midnite trips to the walmart, yes. Walmart. We take lots of goofy pictures, bake a bunch of chocolatey fatness and veg out with some movies. We also befriend strangers at starbucks and love to visit the button muesuem. You had to be there. I love slumber parties, even at the age of 28, I would slumber it up everynight if I could with the girls. It's sooooo fun!

7. I love love love road trips! Though I rarely go on them :( They make me giddy, I seriously have no problem spending 12 hours RIDING in the car, notice I said riding not driving, haha. Hubby is like yea you like them cause you get to just sit back and enjoy, and yes I do.

8. I love veggies, hate meat though I do eat meat, chicken, hamburgers depending on where, I don't like steak. I won't eat meat from frozen dinners or in cans of soup or any can for that matter, there's only a couple drive thrus where I will eat a hamburger...If I eat tacos or something with hamburger or chicken cut up into tiny pieces I pick it out, I won't eat it all chopped up. If I eat chicken breasts I have to pick through it and usually only eat the outside. Needless to say if I go out to dinner I order crackers, haha. Weird I know, my gramma thinks I am crrraaaaazzzy but she is too, haha!

9. I loveeeee junkin....Here we have junk week twice a year and it is soooooo fun seriously. Everyone sets their unwanteds to at the curb and there is soooo much junk everywhere. I so wish we had a truck or even a semi as I would really have a blast. I usually make my grams go, and we go AFTER dark, a few times I picked her up she hopped in the car in her bathrobe, she just sits in the car and watches and laughs at me, lol. She thinks I am nuts, I am, however I get it from her.

10. Finalllllllllllllyyyyyy. I am soooooooooo shy in person, but online or through email I will talk your ear off!

Geeeshhhh that took forever! Are you still going to be my friend knowing that I am a bit cooky ( ok alot )? Hehehe! So, now I'm supposed to pass this along to 6 people that I would like to know more about. Here we go:

Lindsay at That's So Cuegly, I love this girl, she rocks! You must check out her blog and she is hilarious too!

Kammy at Small Home in The Country, she is Fabulous! So many great things on her blog!

Melissa at 320 Sycamore, love her! She is awesome!!! She was one of the first blogs I started following!

Nikki over at Nikki's Nacs, I have newly discovered her blog and LOVE it!

Kara from Creations by Kara, She seriously is awesome! She has some of the coolest thriftiest ideas!

Kim from Twice Remembed, Another awesome one! She has a beautiful home! I seriously want her kitchen!

Go check out all of these lovely blogs if you haven't already!!! They are all Wonderful!!


Gwen said...

We have a few cooky things in common, which is kind of scary.

I don't like leaving home and it takes me a long time to warm up to people face to face. When it comes to online relationships, I can write a book just saying thank you!

Congrats on your award!

Sarah said...

We have so much in common!
I loved learning more about you. :)

Lindsay@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

EEK! Thanks SO MUCH!

Nikki said...

Thanks for the award! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only shy person.

Twice Remembered said...

Oh wow, I'm honored that you've given me this award! That's so sweet of you! I, too, am a hermit, through and through. There's hardly anywhere else I'd like to be besides home!

Thanks again!

melissa said...

Thanks so much for the award, Nicole! I love getting together with my sisters too and tend to act about 1/2 my age :)

Stephanie said...

I'm definitely a homebody too these days. I love the comforts of home and family - the simple, sweet every-day moments that occur right here with my favorite people (my husband and two sweet little girls).

I also very rarely watch TV or movies. There are so many other things I'd rather be doing...

Thanks for sharing a little about you! :)