Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Can I really have an addiction to paper? And some cute pumpkin ornies.

Now I know I am not the only one addicted to scrapbook paper, Seriously it's a problem. I drool. Alot. When looking through all the pretty papers. I go in for a few sheets and come out with a stack. I stopped in Hobby Lobby the other night looking for asian themed scrapbook paper for a project I am trying to finish up for a friend and well no Asian themed paper but I came out with all kinds of other pretty paper. If you need paper, check Hobby Lobby, mine has it on sale for 5/$1 on the smaller sheets, and the bigger sheets are 3/$1, that is a great deal! Plus they had TONs in the clearance section. I found so many pretty holiday ones. I bought about $22 worth, add that up and that's alot of paper. I would have walked away with much more but the hubster was with me and well I do not need him to see me spend $50 on a stack of paper. Because I seriously could. I don't need it, I have TONS, like I have alot. I will use it someday and it's so nice to have a variety on hand as we all know you can do so much with it.

You really wanted to see all the new paper I got, right?

Oh yea, love the toile paper. I found red Christmas toile paper in the clearance.

Ok enough with scrapbook paper. Am I the last person on earth to find out that the beloved heirloom white paint comes in quarts too? Hello, I am in love.

And of course I had to have it in black too. I love this paint.

I am seriously addicted to these. I found the tutorial for these awhile back on the Creative Crate ( awesome blog by the way ) and love making them. Necklaces out of washers, inexpensive, easy, fun, and Great gifts! This was my first, so no laughing. I also cannot find diamond glaze anywhere locally so the stuff I used on this stunk. It does not work, it caves, bubbles, and looks bad up close, plus takes like a week to dry.

So I was diggin through some more boxes and found some more fall pretties. Don't you love finding stuff you forgot you had? It is so much fun. These my mom made me a few years back. Well she made them and I took them anyway. She sewed them, cinnamoned them with her special mix, and dipped them in wax, and grunged them somewhere in the process. She added little sticks for the stems, made a cute little tag, and tied a bunch together with a scrap of ribbon. Years later and they still smell yummy and look good. I have to try these. When I learn to sew, that is.

Another pretty I found while searching through some boxes. It's missing the hanger, but I can fix that. I love this just the way it is.


Six in One Hand said...

I too have a paper addiction.
Just bought a heap of paper at HOB LOB!
Love the harlequin thingy!!!

Linds@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

Mmm! I went to Michaels yesterday cuz all paper is 40% off. I have an upcoming project today with the results!
Can I steal your paper? Thanks, I'd love to!

Anonymous said...

I have tons of paper too. I've been wanting to make those washer necklaces. What kind of glue did you use? I don't want to buy it!

jenjen said...

What a fun list of favorites! I love that necklace idea. So cute!!!!


Lisa said...

I but paper then won't use it cause it is too pretty...crazy!

Eli's Lids said...

I devour scrapbooking paper! Lately I have been into fat quarters. It is a quarter yard of fabric (but cut in a different way) and they always package them super cute in cordinating colors! I'm a sucker for sets.
btw - Even though you can't sew a button you can do the shirring. It is fool proof and very forgiving!