Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My table and chairs...

I hate this table and chairs, I mean hate it. I don't know what it is, I think it's pretty ( the table ) but it just does not look right in my dining room. Well nothing does. But today I gave the top a fresh coat of paint, and finally finished recovering the other 3 chairs. The table my mom gave me and it did not have chairs, the chairs are the cheap metal. I will say the chairs do look alot better now that they are all covered in pretty toile. I want a counter height set, but then I think I might get tired of that and that it may look even funnier in my dining room, so who knows. Let it be known that there was alot of cropping done and this picture stinks, but I didn't care to share the half finished desk or other pile of junk waiting to be finished in my dining room. :)

Remember this?

Again another horrible pic, but I am seriously to tired to edit them and make them all pretty. I turned it into a chalkboard, I need to figured out something to do to cover the open part above the d. No I do not have pretty writing. This will go in my kitchen if it ever gets done.

and this, I know I took a before pic but it is nowhere on my computer. It was just a light wood colored memo board. Should I paint the cork? Doesn't it look odd like this?

Well that's it for today, not much of anything. I got alot of much needed cleaning done. I also have a cute little rocking chair and a few other little things I will show you tomorrow.

Have a Great Night!


Linds@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

I'm enjoying your table. I'm not feeling the hate. And also, I think the cork baord looks great! Leave the cork, although, I'm always up for change. :)

Six in One Hand said...

Spreading some table love and hugs to the table.
I think the table is adorable.
The paint makes it pop.

Psssst...table, if she stops loving you, I have a good home waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

As for the hole on the chalk board...attach a piece of jute or ribbon from the back thru the hole and tie a piece of chalk to the other end. Or you could paint and attach a small piece of wood to make a ledge for chalk or eraser. Or cover with one of those scrolly decoritive wood pieces painted your frame color. Or just fill in with wood putty and paint over. Hope that helps. :)

alanna rose said...

I like the cork board - the paper looks great! What do you think about tacking a nice piece of linen (a chunk of drop cloth would work, too) onto the cork? Less permanent (and less time consuming) than paint.

jenjen said...

I think your table is so cute. I love that toile fabric! And the chalkboard and corkboard are adorable!

Love it!


Tina said...

LOVE the chalkboard. You should cover that hole with some kind of small wood "bucket" of sorts that will hold your chalk. Paint it white and just make something to glue on there. . . does that make sense? I have a picture in my mind, but not the right words to describe it!!

Tina said...

Just read the other comments. The wood ledge is an excellent idea!!

Anonymous said...

Can I have the pumpkins and basket sitting in the middle of the table? Please?