Saturday, September 19, 2009

One Last Goodwill Find, for Hubby...

So when I was at Goodwill I found something else, my favorite find and forgot to share it with you....

This!! Isn't it cute? I have the perfect outfit for it! How cute will this chunky belt look with a cute dress? And it was only $1.99! Okay, you all know I'm kidding, right? Well I hope. Seriously. And me in a dress? Hahahahahahahaha! Anyways...I found this stylin belt got my hubby who is dressing up as a wrestler for my grams and gramps yearly Halloween party. Oh it shall be a treat. Would you like to hear why he is dressing up as a wrestler? Okay, I will tell you. I know your dying to know.

One day we he was cleaning out the bedroom dresser and he found a girdle of mine, I guess that's what it is. Yes, I have a girdle, no I don't wear it, I should but it's probably way to small, haha. That's really not funny, but anyway, he comes out of the bedroom modeling said girdle, and it was hysterical! It's one of those that come up really high and it looks like those things that wrestlers wear, at least for some reason that's what wrestlers wear in my mind. So he mentioned that he could so wear it for Halloween and be a wrestler, well he shouldn't have said that because I was all over it and now he has to. So he is. So I found this kids size belt at goodwill that I will add some elastic too, yes it needs to be bigger, and it will go perfectly over his black girdle.

But now I need more ideas. I will google, but I want some ideas from you. Got any? I am thinking he needs some kind of funny silky short robe, uh he mentioned tights, but I have never seen a wrestler in tights, am I wrong? But just for fun and a good laugh I will probably find him some cute tights, hehe.

So do you dress up for Halloween or just the kids? Here it's usually only the kids, this was just random and funny. Maybe I will now, who knows. I would make a great princess ( not really )!

What are your littles dressing up as?

I think this is what my 7 year old will be, he wanted to last year but we waited to late and couldn't find it anywhere.

And I have been obsessed with my 10 month old being a monkey and was obsessed with this $50 ( I have never spent that much ) costume, but the more I look at it, I don't know. I have it narrowed down to a piggy ( cause he is one ), a monkey, and there was a cute teddy bear costume, or I did see a cute pumpkin. It has to be cutesy as I don't get to dress up a boy cutesy for long.

So any ideas on the wrestler costume? What are you and your littles dressing up as if you do?


Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

ok, he totally needs a stringy, curly blond wig and a bandana tied around

Alicia said...

He'll need a really short biker leather vest, like Stone Cold Steve Austin used to wear, like the one at this site

Sounds like fun. I hope you will post pictures. What are you going as?

Gwen said...

The image of a guy in a girdle is now burned into my brain, thank you very much. Of course, since I don't know what your husband looks like, I am picturing it on my guy......Oh yeah, did I say thank you?

I take it we are envisioning the crazy WWE type wrestler, not the college type? Tights may be hard to find, but you could buy bicycle pants and paint flames or something on them. Oh! and a mask, he needs a mask!

Ami said...

Last year I asked Sam what he wanted to be and his response was "A gnome". I was all, "Really? You're in 5th grade! Won't you get your rear kicked at school???" He didn't care and he was an AWESOME gnome! Even carried a Travelocity sign. HA! One year, I was Cruella Deville. Maybe I can dig up that costume! Rosie always wants to be some sort of princess and this year she will be the "CandyCorn Princess". This one requires some crafting, so I hope I can get it done! Oh I love Halloween!!!!! :) Can't wait to see O as a wrestler! Oh, I forgot...Sam was once Hulk Hogan, too! LOL! Wow...random thoughts. Too early on a Sunday morning!
See you soon!

Ami said...

You can buy a Rey Mysterio mask online at for like a BAZILLION dollars! I know because that's what Sam wants for Christmas! WHATEVER!

The DIY Show Off said...

A wrestler will be hilarious! I love the little monkey costume too. So cute!

No costumes here, not planned anyway but we are getting a foreign exchange student who's never celebrated so I might just have to come up with something just for fun. Guess I should start thinking that far ahead, huh? Thanks for the reminder!


Wendy said...

My son & daughter LOVE wrestling. They wear all sorts of things. Some where the jumpsuit looking things, some wear the speedo looking things, some wear bike-looking shorts, and some wear regular clothes. Go to and you can see them there.

Farmgirl Paints said...

I think little chick will be a doctor with scrubs and big chick a chef. Honey and I have a Halloween party that we go to every year that is just so much fun. Last year it was goth. Haven't decided for this year yet.

How are you doing with your challenge?? It's been a week...just curious.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone I am completely new to this site. How's everybody doing? I love it here! I hope to learn a lot hopefully even make a few new buddies! :)