Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Topiary....

Finally finished up the pumpkin topiary, well kind of. Still tweaking it a bit. I originally had it in a black paper mache box but ewwww it looked awful after seeing it in the pictures. I like the pot myself but think I will paint it black. Not sure yet. I am also making a little sign on a stick to stick in the pot that says Happy Fall. But wanted to share it as I won't have time for a few days to work on it. I am finishing up projects, 5 to be exact and they have to be done by the end of the day tomorrow. Plus I FINALLY cleaned the craft room and now I am just organizing it! I am so happy it's almost done, I am finding sooooo many things I had forgotten I had and making room for lots of new goodies that I will share soon.

I made the topiary out of 3 of these that I got on my shopping trip here at Factory Direct Craft!

I like it! I got the idea from my mom, she made one for my Grandma several years ago but a lot nicer, she cut out her own pumpkins and they were thicker, and made her own box for out of wood for them, me I don't use the power tools just yet :)This whole thing was FREE to make, all stuff I had.

I also finished up these for the salon. Finally. They will go above the Makeup counter there. This was so hard for me. She wanted an asian/modern theme, wanted greens and browns, earthtones, not much red ( eek! ) which I realize yes there is red in there but the paper for what she wanted was so stinkin hard to find, I cried, I stressed, I looked, I cried some more, it was bad. But that's how I roll, lol. And it doesn't help that I am a perfectionist when it comes to doing things for others. There is more green than I would have liked, I wanted to use a completely different paper on the Studio 117 part but as I said it was hard to find and the green patterned paper was the closest I could find, so there it is. These papers I used were actually made to coordinate together but when you get them on what your using them on it's completely different. I think they will look alot better on her wall.


It's DIY day over at Kimba's a Soft Place to Land and I am linkin up this week! It's been a few weeks and I am excited to link up this week and see everyone's projects! Go over here or by clicking the button above and check out everyone's DIY projects this week!


jenjen said...

Nicole! What a fun project! It is so cute! Great job!


Anonymous said...

Those are so cute! And I like that website. I have never heard of it before. The shipping is kind of steap, but if I order $30 worth of stuff, it should all even out. Thanks for the link!

Janis@White Alder [Home] said...

WOW you really are crafty, it all looks great!!

Thanks for checking out my blog.