Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's Next?

I know I haven't blogged in 6 days, a long time for me. My 11 month old was sick almost all of last week with a horrible cold, not sleeping at nights which means momma don't sleep. Then well guess who got it next, yep me! I am still not feeling 100% and on top of the cold I have now broken out all over my back, arms, neck, and chest with little red bumps. Not a clue what it is but it's not fun at all. I am allergic to nothing, I have never had anything like this so I am clueless...Ok is that to much information? lol.

So I am so sorry I haven't shared the projects I talked about or blogged in what seems like forever. It's been super crazy over here. On top of all that I have like 6 million things to do. Very busy but I love it. The letters above are what I am finishing up for the salon. They will be hanging above the makeup counter. All the papers I am using were actually made to coordinate but I don't think they do, what do you think? The wall they will be on is a dark brown color, the salon has lots of earthy tones, browns, greens, etc. She doesn't want much red. I am changing the a with the red on it as I was just trying it out, I hate it. Looks to Christmasy with all of the green? The studio 117 part I would like to do different. Maybe a solid paper with a little texture, or all the same patterned paper on it, something to make it stand out a little. **Oh and if the y looks odd, it's not trimmed up yet.

Do you like the red? What do you think so far? The salon has an asian/modern feel to it.

Should I use them for firewood? HAHA! No way.

Some spooky goodness for ya...Love the glittered skulls so fun!! And the little spooky picture I made from this...

It's a wood flooring sample I received in the mail.

It took all of 2 minutes and I think it's cute.

Have a Great Day! I will be back tomorrow for sure :)


jskell911 said...

Aw it's tough enough when you get sick, but so much worse when it's the little ones. Have you ever had Chicken Pox? Just a thought as to the bumps.

Lisa said...

poor baby! I hate it when they are sick.

Love the pic you made on the wood flooring. The letter are cool too.

Wendy said...

Hope ya'll feel better soon!

Love the sign!