Friday, November 20, 2009

An easy Christmas Ornament....

Remember me? Before I get to some super easy ornaments, let me bore you with the details of my week. First my tooth, grrrrrr...I was in so much pain Monday and Tuesday because of it, seriously it hurt. Can't get the work done on it until our ins. kicks in, Great, right?

Ok so I normally don't post pics of the kids but wanted to share a couple. This little Bugaboo turned ONE on Wednesday :( Well he also had his year checkup the same day ( stupid me, I know ), I am not kidding hours after he came home from the Doc he was sick. His eyes are all messed up and yuck, he's coughing, it's so awful. I hate when the littles are sick especially when they aren't old enough to tell you what's wrong and what they need or want. You know? Anyway, he's not doing any better and will be heading to the Doc again today I am sure. His birthday party is Scheduled for Saturday and I thinking we have to cancel. Do you think anyone wants to hangout at my germ infested house?

Here's the little guy just a few days ago, isn't he precious? Ah I love this kid. It makes me so sad that he is already One, time flies.

See this Nut? That's the husband a few days ago. We were at Grams for dinner and he helped me do the dishes and of course I had to snap a picture. No he doesn't have a beard, nor does he parade around in a Santa hat, lol. I just signed up for premium photo editor and have been playing around with it, have you tried their free version? If not do so now, as it's AMAZINGly Fun! Soooo many fun things to do with pictures. Anyway this guy is sick and has the same thing the little bugaboo above does. :(

Isn't he handsome? He's 7 and will be 8 the 3rd of December :( This kid is so Awesome, I love him. He's smart, hilarious, and so sweet. He has the biggest heart. He was actually sick a little under 2 weeks ago, he missed almost an entire week of school and guess what? He woke up tonight vomiting. Guess where he was sleeping? My bed. Yippee. Oh and guess what he said as soon as he finished? Does this mean I get to miss school tomorrow? Haha! He loves school but I guess he needed a little break, lol.

Am I sick too? Yup, not as bad as my guys though, just a cold, couch, sore throat, that kind of thing. Hopefully it stays that way.

I have two parties I am hosting this weekend, one Gabes Birthday party on Sat. the second is a Tastefully Simple/Bra party I am hosting on Sunday afternoon but it's not looking like either will happen. :(

So have I been crafting? Making anything cool? Finishing up the hundreds of projects I ramble on and on about. Nope. I just haven't had the time. Plus I feel like poo and just can't. Do you ever have soooo many ideas racing through your head and know exactly how you want to do it, what you need, you have it all, but you just can't get to it? It kills me people. I seriously lose sleep over it. It's awful. I want a vacation, but to go on vacation every single thing would need to be done and I can't see that happening.

Ok I have bored you enough, Aren't these cute? I found packages of chipboard cutouts at Big Lots in ornament shapes, you get 21 one in a package for $2, woohoo! I painted them white, brushed them with modge podge and sprinkled on the diamond dust. So easy and these are fun to do with the kiddos too. My oldest lovees to craft with me!

I love diamond dust, it's so fun! I think they would be cute with numbers on them and shabby them up a bit.

They are much prettier in person, promise.

Don't laugh. I was playing.

I tried to make one similar to this one. This was on Ballard Designs website here. No it's not near as cute but it was fun and simple. I cut out the stencil using my Cricut Expression. I love that thing.

I have been trying to coupon on the side, you know when I'm not taking care of sick people. I went to CVS and had a coupon for everything shown. I spent $19 and some change out of pocket and got back $11 in Extra Care Bucks to spend on whatever. Fun! I think I did good, 3 lip balms, 2 Covergirl makeups, batteries, and a Huge Bottle of lotion. Not bad.

Well, That's all I have, I know sad.  I won't be around for a couple of days again, as we all fight off the germs, But I have some posts scheduled for you :)


Jenglamgirl said...

sIGHHHH, hope you and the boys feel better. Seriously our boys are the same age. My baby boy turned 1 Nov. 6th and my son turned 8 on Oct. 12th. Love the ornaments, and you did a great duplicate job on the bag.

P.S. I too have loads of ideas running through my head. Never enough money though HA

stop by my blog, I have a giveaway going on. ;)

jenjen said...

Your boys are so cute! I know exactly how you feel! I have so many things I want to do but not enough time to get it all done!!!


Magoo said...

oh no! I hope everyone gets feeling better soon!!!

love the ornaments~they are beautiful!

I just got my diamond glaze in the mail yesterday....I'm going to dig around in my husbands workshop for some washers....I will send you an email and link to your blog when I post them! I'm so excited! :) :)

Lisa said...

I love the ornaments. I haven't been to Big Lots in forever....need to make a trip there soon.
Wish we had a CVS... :(

Wendy said...

What cuties!

Love the ornaments!

icandy... said...

Hi there, sweet!
I hope everything is getting back to normal~~ you have been really busy! Those ornaments are so very pretty and seem like a cinch to do! Thank you so much for sharing with us all... what a great idea!!
Hugs and it was so nice to hear from you !