Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DIY Gifts....Here's one for the Twilight Fans.

Jen from Tatertots & Jello is hosting a Homemade gift party and I'm joining in! Need ideas for some last minute gifts? Head on over ( after you hangout here for a bit :) and checkout everyone's wonderful diy gift ideas!

I know some of these I have showed you before but thought I would recap a few past ones for ideas for gift giving!

I know your shocked, right? It's blocks. Again. I can't help myself though. Plus I am making a bunch of these for gifts so this has been pretty much it for the last week or two. My sisters who are Twilight obsessed mentioned that we should get together and make up some twilight goodies. Well immediately I got started on a few ideas I had. I took my blocks that hubby cut from a 2x4 for me, he cuts them 4 inches tall, then I printed out some Twilight images in black and white that I found on google images. Cut them down to size and modge podged them on. I love them and think these would make a wonderful gift cutely packaged for that twilight fan on your list! These would also be great with family photos, pet photos, etc. Which I am currently working on all the above for a few gifts. 

These I made with scrapbook paper and vintage looking flashcards. Don't you just love polka dots?

I have some more polka dot blocks coming tomorrow. You can't wait, right? But I made them from the CUTEST Christmas wrapping paper ever.

Who wouldn't love a set of personalized blocks? You could print out the pictures, decoupage them on, and add the family name, the year the family was est. so many different things you could do.


More blocks...these I made with burlap, upholstery tacks, and flashcards.

Here's another super easy and inexpensive gift idea. Washer necklaces, So cute, easy, and these to can be personalized. I use rub ons to personalize them and they work great!

Or the glass pendant necklaces would be an easy cute one as well! Scrabble tile ones are fun too!

What about a cute frame? This one was made out of an old frame, the matting is textured wallpaper that was painted and distressed, then just add your photos! Super cute!

Come back tomorrow and I will share some other cute gift ideas!!! DIY magnets, a super cute and inexpensive photo wreath, and a frugal yet awesome teachers gift!

I am also linking up to DIY day over at Kimbas a Soft Place to Land, head on over and check out what everyone has been working on this week!



Jenglamgirl said...

super cute ideas.... LOVE THEM ALL, WAY TO GO!

jenjen said...

I love all of your ideas!!! And those vintage cards with the polka dots are awesome! Love the Edward blocks too - of course :)

Thanks for linking up - you are so sweet!


Angie @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

Cute ideas! I have a Twilight obsessed teen myself!

Nishant said...

love all of your ideas!

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea with the frame using textured wall paper. That is so cute!

Nishant said...

Thanks for linking up - you are so sweet!

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