Friday, July 30, 2010

Something Exciting is Coming....Get your Pjs on!

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It's a given, I LOVE me some shopping. But my most favorite shopping ever is done right here from my laptop. I love sitting in my Pjs with my coffee, surfing the net for that next great find while the kiddos snooze it up. It's my me time and I love it. Last year I did 90% of my Holiday shopping right here in this very seat I sit in and it was Awesome. ( just look at how happy the above lady is )

What do I shop for? Everything from home decor to vintage goodies, and things for the kiddos, a variety of things and guess what? Now I get to share my love of shopping with you, Coming August 10th you can shop with me in my own little virtual shop right here on the big wide net thanks to Open Sky. That's right my lovelies, I'm going to share my favorite shops and finds with you and you'll be able to get them all in my little shop. I'm so excited!! My shop will be a lot of items for around the home, all my favorites with a mix of others as well. Products I love and want to share with you.

With Open Sky you have the ability to buy a product that someone you know ( we go way back, right? ) and trust has recommended to you!!! Open Sky was recently featured on Good Morning America, you can check the video out here. So come back August 10th with your Pjs on, your favorite drink ( iced coffee yummm ), and you can shop with me!

Around here I am the Go to Gal for everyone, if they are looking for it they come to me. No seriously. When I shop for something I search and I google and I search some more until I have found the best deal, the best shop, and exactly what I am looking for. I love it and now I get to put all my hard work to good use and share it with you.

If you haven't heard of Open Sky you must head on over there here and check it out, you can learn more about opening your own shop and even becoming a supplier. That's right you can even apply to become a supplier or a seller for Open Sky to!

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Jordyn from OpenSky said...


We're so excited to have you join the OpenSky community! Your shop will also offer something you won't see every day-a 365 day return policy! We think shopping with trust is the best way to shop.

Great intro post!