Saturday, August 14, 2010

Easy Fall Pumpkin Sign....

I absolutely positively CANNOT wait for Fall, I love it and everything about it. Seriously. I love wintery snowy weather just as much but I love that in Fall there is bonfires, trick or treaters, it's sweatshirt weather, the leaves are all pretty and changing, I could go on and on...I LOVE it! I love it so much I usually bust out the Fall goodies first day of September and I'm not kidding. So while I'm patiently waiting for Fall, I thought I'd share a super easy cute little Fall sign I made with you....

This is a piece I had leftover from a 1x10, it's about 14 inches wide. I painted it Gingerbread Spice which was one of my FREE quarts from Glidden last year :)

This is seriously so easy. So I got my basecoat of gingerbread on, it's dried. Now I have a Big Pumpkin Die ( mines all painted up as I have used it a few times ) Cut and a glue stick. I got my die cut at a local scrapbook store last year, but I searched and found you one here. So turn your die cut over and paste it up with your glue stick.

No flip it over and position it where you would like it on your board, for this one I had a little more than half of the pumpkin on the board.  Smooth it out really good, I put the lid back on my glue stick, flip it over and use the top of the cap to smooth it out.

Now you need a second color, I used Dark French Chocolate, another free quart I received from Glidden last year :) I use a foam brush, don't get to much paint on it as it's like a stencil and you don't want paint seeping through. Paint your whole board with the brown, After it has a nice coat of brown peel back the die cut....

You'll be left with this! As you can see there is spots of glue, those will wipe right off. I use a baby wipe, any old rag will do. Then I go through and wipe up any little spots where a little paint may have seeped through. Then whip out your sander or some sandpaper ( sorry didn't take pictures for this part ) and sand away, I sand a lot as I like a lot of distressing. Then drill to holes at the top and use some pretty ribbon or twine, I prefer twine, it looks Fallish :)

Now you have a cute new sign for Fall!!!

I told you I'm obsessed, more board gluing. I made this one, painted the boards first, glued them together, and stenciled the letters on.

This one is my favorite, I love love love how it turned out. More board gluing, used the same technique and die cut as above, easy peasy :)

So Are you excited for Fall? Are you working on any Fall goodies yet?


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Paula said...

I am definitely not ready for fall but I do love your sign.

Kristy said...

I'm so ready for fall too! It's my favorite. I always decorate the 1st weekend in September. I grew up in the Midwest and they are already having 70s weather. I live in Texas now I won't be feeling that until Nov. Oh well, I can't make it feel like fall in my home.

Erika @ Oops! I Craft My Pants said...

I'm totally ready for fall, too.
I love those signs. So much.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love fall too, but I can never find enough decorations for the season. These signs are really great for Halloween and Thanksgiving, where pumpkins are always a hit. I think a dash of glitter will give it a little extra flare.