Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Wedding in the works....

Meet my Aunt, She is 29 just 6 months younger than myself and got engaged a couple months ago. They have set the date for October 1st, 2011 as she wanted a Fall wedding, yeah her favorite season ( mine too )! I've been emailing her about 100 times a day since the engagement with photos, ideas, etc and even now have a folder on my desktop titled Amy's Wedding, I'm obsessed people. I never had a wedding :( so it's so much fun helping plan and throwing out ideas.

 Here's her gorgeous rock!

For her colors she wants the traditional, guys in black, her in white with purple as her other main color then there will be other fallish colors in the mix.

We definitely want to make a bunch of these to have hanging at the reception.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cake!! Probably not her style but had to share it as it's so gorgeous!

And the vintage cake topper make my heart race.

Image from Etsy here.

We both LOVE this dress, soo gorgeous!

Image from here.

How cute are those monogrammed pumpkins? and the pumpkin centerpiece? Ahhhh, love Fall :)

Image from here.

I love the light pumpkins along the walkway, and the pumpkin ice bucket. Oh my word, so pretty, all of it.

Image from here.

Loving this Fall tree, love the hanging votives.

Image from here.

Love the wooden signs. 

Image from here.

Again with the pumpkins, absolutely a must.

So what about you, ever planned a Fall wedding? Have any tips for us?


Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Haven't planned one top to bottom, but have helped with a bunch. I love incorporating nature into fall weddings... there are so many beautiful colors that time of year.

Also, super advance notice of the wedding I've noticed really helps. People tend to leave town a lot for the holidays, so some might need to arrange time of work and such.

I have a great rustic nature invite/announcement in my Etsy shop if she goes that direction. I'd be happy to donate my design and time to the cause if you post it up!


Anonymous said...

i found your blog from tatertots :)
and i had to leave a comment to say, i love these "i do" pumpkins! i've never seen anything like that!