Friday, May 1, 2009

Blog Hoppin...

So the past few days I have been blog hoppin and OMG I have found sooooo many Wonderful new blogs that I love! These ladies are brilliant and have such Wonderful tips! You can see my list of them that I am following on the left side of my page and plus I will list a few of my faves at the bottom of this post! My blog is so blah, and I am so jealous of all these others, lol...It's so addicting. They all have such wonderful ideas on decorating with what you have, so many projects that even I could do!

A must to check out is The Nester's Nesting Place, she Loves toile and if you know me at all you know I am Toile obsessed!
Just a few of my other faves are...

Life in Grace

Make it and Love it

So as I have been inspired by these blogs I am commiting to finishing a few things this coming week. One as you see in the picture below is my sad, icky, entryway. I promise my whole house isn't that bad. Yea the entryway, where everyone walks through and sees first is the place to look like that, lol. I know, Right? Anyways, I am going to paint the ugly paneling, and the sad dirty door and make it look pretty in there and I will post after pictures as soon as it is finished. The picture is horrible as My entryway is teeny tiny, you walk in the front door, and there is my entryway and immediately in front of you there is a french door to the living/dining room. That's it! LOL but I have such a neat piece that I got from my mom in there I need to make the room look pretty for it! So Wish me Luck! ( I am so embarassed to show this picture )

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