Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sleepy Wednesday....

So today I am super tired, My 5 month old hasn't slept well the past few nights. Last night he was up until about 3am, he's teething and I believe that is the cause of his fussiness. He wants only to be held, lol. I have so much going on right now. My house is a cluttered mess from painting and moving things around, but My husband is off tomorrow and Friday and he can help with baby so I can get some stuff done. Friday my brother is coming in town and staying with us so it ill and has to be done before then, I can't wait til he gets here! He moved to Oklahoma last summer and I miss him! Monday night I was at my Grammas house with my mom and it was junk week there and I found some AWESOME windows that I want to do something with, we got about 8 of them I think, 3 different sizes and they are neat ones. I will post a pic of them later but ummm they haven't made it out of the trunk of my car yet, lol. I did not want to add more clutter to my sad home.

I know my blog is so blahhhhh, but I promise if anyone is reading, it will get better!

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