Saturday, June 20, 2009

I finished it and Sale Photos!!!!!

Remember that chalkboard chicken I told you about a few posts ago? Well here she is, isn't it silly? One day I had the ole paintbrush out and chalkboard paint out to paint a window and ended up with this as well. We are all guilty of it, right? Just agree. You know you get out your paint and brush to do a project and then you start to look around your house and think hmmm...what else could I paint? I know, I'm nutty, lol. But hey haven't you always wanted a chalkboard chicken? I know it's on everyones things to get list. Anywho this my momma made me years ago and she used to be white oldest ( when he was a wee little one ) decided to color it and well that was years ago too but she is just now getting her long awaited makeover, lol. Nuttttyyyyy....

Remember this hideous thing?

Well it looks like this now!!! Ok so it's not perfect, I am so not a painter but it looks soooo much better! I did not realize how many dings and dents it had in it til I got the black paint on it but hey it's supposed to look old, right? At least that's what I am telling myself, lol! I didn't get a very good picture as I am pretty sure you don't want to see the rest of my house right now, it's baddddd! I am having a garage sale in a few hours and it's all kinds of ugly in here right now, no garage to set it all up in so here it is in the dining room, oh I can't wait til it's all gone! Pray that it goes well! Oh at that is not dirt on the floor, my laminate is a wreck and all dinged up from the previous owners, I swept the little teeny tiny area all for you, lol. What see my other goodies I am selling? Why not, I don't have anything else to do, been up all night pricing and folding and organizing at the last minute, and still have so much more and only 4 hours left and runnin on empty, lol. But I am fuelin up with a much needed cup ( cups ) of coffee so I will show you a few things for the sale today.

Click the pictures to make them larger if you like. My momma of course made this....
You will be seeing several things she made in the next few pictures....Don't you love this door
Table? She has made lots of these and I am a proud owner of one a little different
but oh so fabulous, I will share that with you later.

This has to be one of my favorite benches! I love the old looking paint, would love to be able to do that! So neat!

Some cute little stacking benches she made!

Love the window shelves! I have several neat old windows and am definately going to ATTEMPT this with one. I have never actually nailed,
or screwed or whatever anything together lol, but hey why not?

Ok so this pretty thing isn't in the sale as she already sold it but I just had to show it to ya, isn't it beautiful! She never finished it but what is done
took over 6 months to do. Look at the detail! I would love to move right into this, doesn't it look like your looking at photos of a home?

Ok well that is most of the cool stuff, lol. I doubt you want to see pics of clothes and junk, ok so maybe the junk.
But I must get back to work!
Have a wonderful Saturday and Wish me Luck today!


Magoo said...

wow! your chickie turned out to cute! :) and i absolutely ADORE your door table, how cool is that!??? Lots of amazing ideas, your mom is very creative :) :) wish I lived closer, I'd be stopping by your garage sale! LOL!!!

Shannon said...

Love that cute little chicken! :)

Dawn said...

I LOVE that little chickie chalkboard!!! Great thinking!

I love everything your mom makes!!!

Marcia said...

WOW, your mom is one talented lady! I wished I lived closer, I looove the door/chair she made. It'd be great as a front entrance focal point. I hope your sale went well!!