Saturday, June 13, 2009

One last trip to kmart for doubling....

I only made it to kmart one more time for coupon doubling =( and I was of course rushed, as they were closing in 35 minutes, yes only 35 minutes in a store for me is being rushed, lol...Are you sick of my Kmart posts yet? Here is the breakdown of final prices...
Enfamil Formula 7.00, woohoo!
2000 flushes .99
Hot Shot Foggers 3.49
Swiffer Duster 1.49
Temptations Cat Treats .99
Dove Shampoo 1.49
Huggies Wipes .99
Huggies Little Swimmers 5.00
and the razor came in the mail free, lol had to throw that in there! I felt like I spent more but the formula regulary 13.99 a can, the hot shots 6.49 a box, the dove 3.95 and the little swimmers and wipes 7.99 and 2.99, so I think I did ok. You gotta watch yourself at Kmart when doubling coupons as sometimes there prices are so much higher it ends up not being that great of a deal.

This is a sneak peek at the desk redo I am doing, I will show you the finished one in the am, pray that it turns out, lol...

Have a Wonderful Sunday!!!!

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