Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sooo frustrated with painting....

Grrrr....I have been painting and painting and I am soooo tired of it! I usually somewhat enjoy painting ( not walls ) pieces and can't wait to see the end result, but not today! I painted til 3am this morning on a desk and end table. Awhile back I had posted a picture of some end tables I painted, well I still had another coat I needed to put on the top of the second end table and I have now scraped, sanded, and painted that thing 6 times and it still isn't turning out! Why, I have no idea, the other one turned out just find but this time the paint is getting all tacky like and blotchy. Is it my paint? I am using the good stuff, valspar and have used it for many other projects with no problems, is it because it is the bottom of the can? I don't know but it is so frustrating! To top it all off I started painting the desk I showed you yesterday with it and now it's doing the same thing so I am assuming it has to be the paint. So tomorrow I will get to Lowes and get some more and hopefully it will work this time! If not the table is going in the garbage, lol. I did however get a window painted in the same color we got for our kitchen walls and will show you that in the morning. I just have to antique it a bit and add some chalkboard paint to the glass and will post it! Sorry, had to vent about my painting issues, lol

Have a Great Monday!

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