Sunday, June 14, 2009

One of my new favorite online shops...

So I just posted about my painting issues but thought I would post again and share one of my new favorite online places with you....All of these pictures are from Save on Crafts website and are just a few of the many items they have! They carry craft supplies, home decor, sooo many apocathery jars, party supplies, faux greenery and flowers, fabrics, sooo many cute reusable bags, and so much more! I stumbled across them the other day while googling something I was on the hunt for!

I love these bellani pod balls that come in all sorts of colors! These would definately look awesome in a pretty jar! They have tons of neat things for vase and jar fillers!

and these color fill diamonds are so pretty and I think the above idea is very neat for a bathroom to keep all of your makeup brushes together and pretty.

Don't you just love these reusable bags they have? They have soooo many different ones and they are all so cute and I think they are inexpensive!

Ohhh and I love these little eggs! How cute would these be in one of their apocathery jars or in a cute little bowl!

Ok these are my absolute FAVORITE! You get the set of 3 for 16.99! I have to have these, I love love love them! Seriously, I do.

Ohhhh and all those pretty apocathery jars! Some of which I do think are a bit high, but they have little mini ones that are oh so cute for $2 something. Love them!

Well I hope you enjoyed all of these pretties! How I wish they were all mine! I added the links to the pictures so if you want to go the page for that item click the picture and it will take you there! Enjoy!

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Magoo said...

ohhhhhh! those ARE pretty! If I actually had somewhere to put them I might actually consider buying one...thanks for sharing, gorgeous goodies!