Monday, July 20, 2009

More Hobby Lobby Clearance....Scoreeee!

Ok, this is my second time typing all of this out, I guess in all the bargain shopping excitement I have lost it, well I know I have. Hubby agrees. Anywho I hit the other Hobby Lobby in my area tonight and scored a TON more, lovely stuff that just needs a little help. I love it all anyway, some of you may think I am screaming lock me up, I am crazy but really I am not. Are you considered a shopaholic when you only buy clearance? Like seriously some would think so but it really angers me when people think that as I shop the clearance and the bargains. I don't buy $100 shoes, and $300 purses, etc nothin wrong with that I just won't buy it if it isn't on sale and well I can't afford the high dollar stuff either. Plus doesn't it feel so much better to get it super cheap? Anyway what I am getting at is I hardly think coming home with a carload of goodwill crap that cost $10 or $20 dollars or hittin the Hobby Lobby and and coming home with 10 bags of stuff for $20 constitutes me as being a shopaholic. I don't buy myself clothes, I probably would if I lost some weight but guarantee they would be clearance deals. My kids have nice clothes, nothing expensive, usually get the good stuff on clearance the year before. I like shoes, but again I have about 4 pairs of nikes, I love sneakers, but each one of my nikes were under $10. I used to work at kohls as the Shoe Department Manager, and again I shopped the deals. My gramma always says how do you find these, I never see any, well I look, and I look, and I look. Plus my like my hobby lobby purchases for example, I repaint, repurpose and hope to resell. Anyway, rambling, sorry on to the good stuff, lots of pictures....

These crown hooks were 1.00 and I think they will be so cute painted white and distressed a bit! I got the last 3 they had.

These are little tin wall hangy things, love love love them, I got the only 2 for 1.00 each, these would be so super cute as chalkboards but the middle is probably to bumpy for that. Have you ever made a chalkboard on something slightly textured? Did it work?

This is a little towel hanger, sooooo cute and 1.20 I believe it was.

Matching towel bar to the above...I know this picture is awful but this is really neat and was 2.20 I believe.

These little frames were .30, they will look cute repainted or papered.

This was 1.80 and love it as is I think!

I got 2 of these little piggy trays for 1.00 each, they are good sized, I like them as is, not me but they were super cute. Repainted and hanging on the wall or sitting on a shelf?

These were one of my favorites, they are large and were 2.00 and 3.00 each, these will definately get repainted and will look so cute with a chunky pillar or a moss ball!! They are nice and heavy and you can't beat the price!

These letters are cute but will get redone and they are nice big chunky letters and were only .90 each!

This is missing 3 of the pegs but was only 1.00 and I knew I could fix her up and make her pretty at the price! Those are tiles in it, while not ugly I still think I will paper those and brighten this up a bit!

These I bought about 10 of at 1.40 each and these are tin and very good size and are going to make wonderful magnetic boards. They will get painted or papered and both.

These frames are nice and heavy and cute but the paper is all messed up and scratched, these will definately get makeovers with new paper or paint! 1.00 each I thought it was worth it!

These letters are awesome, very big and ONLY 1.40 each, they are metal, tin, whatever, lol. I will paint it a white or something brighter. They only had x, q, and I left. Slim pickins, lol.

Bad picture but it's a little soap dish, was .80 and not sure why I bought it but it is the colors I want in my bathroom so I guess I was drawn to it. Brown and aqua, mmmm....

These were 1.00 each I believe and love love love them! I originally planned on redoing them but heck they are toile, and black and white, so I think I like them like this, whatcha think?

Another one I wasn't sure why I got it, it was 1.00, cute little box with a mirror inside and nice little compartments for jewelry and stuff I guess.

And these the best find of the day as they were FREEEE! Another freecycle score!!! Who doesn't love free frames? There are 2 of the octagon ones, and 1 big one and 2 medium ones! Scoreee, definately got plans for these!

And these leaves were in the free box of frames, I think these will be painted and go in a frame or something for some fall wall art.

Geesh, I am wore out! I also stopped at Kmart and got a 3 pack of sparkle paper towels, 4 pack of angel soft toilet paper, 3 monster energy drinks ( my addiction, so bad. ), a bottle of cascade rinse agent, 2 bags of chips, box of pasta for drumroll....$1.88 total!!! Woohooo! I could of gotten more and planned it better but we were in a hurry, hungry and wanted to get home so I just grabbed. I used another coupon for free rinse agent, plus 2.00 off angel soft and sparkle when you buy both, plus had a 10.00 off kmart coupon that was going to expire. I also made a new friend at Kmart, she was lookin at my coupons and was like omg your a coupon freak too, lol and I shared with her and she said please come back more often, haha! Ok so no more shoppin for me except gotta make another trip to hobby lobby for a blog buddy and menards as I need some 4x4s for something I am working on!!! Now seriously I will have some transformations to show you tomorrow! I am going to work right now on them so come backkkkkkk!!!


Helen Joy said...

I cannot believe all the stuff you got for such good prices! My favorites are definitely the pig (for some strange reason) and the crown hooks! I tell my husband all the time that he should be so grateful I get my "shopping out" at goodwill and not Pottery Barn, or Macys.
I have never been to a Hobby Lobby. But I'm pretty sure after reading this that I will have to go. I've been enjoying your blog!

Kammy said...

Girl ! Did you leave anything at HL ? LOL !
Great great deals !
Hugs ~ Kammy

stefanie said...

i have never heard of hobby lobby, it sounds fantastic, and your treasures...gorgeous. i sure know what you mean, it is almost addicting to get such great deals!

Charlene said...

I have defnitely got to go by Hobby Lobby this week!

My favorite, thought? The red toile in the background, lol!

Jennifer Poppy said...

Wow you did get a lot of great stuff! Way to go:)p

Bill said...

Wow --- fantastic bargains! You did very well.
I fully agree that thrift/clearance shopping is a fairly minor "habit" to have ... as addictions go.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving the nice comments.

Bye for now,

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Great finds!!

Kathy said...

We don't have a Hobby Lobby here..You got some amazing stuff!!! Im totally impressed with your style and shopping savvy. Please show us your before and afters.

Sounds like my Gabriel is only 5 months older than yours! Fun fun times!!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Wow! You are the queen of clearance girl. Our Hobby Lobby has been so picked over, so there was nothin cute like the stuff you got.

Oh, and by the way...I've painted chalkboards on textured surfaces before. It worked for me, but I've heard others say it didn't for them. You could always try it, and if it didn't work out, just repaint them. Good luck.


Runner Mom said...

Hey! I'm worn out from just hearing about your wonderful sales!! I just love HL!!! Love the ideas as to what you're going to do with all those cute things!!

Heather said...

You are a total shopoholic, but the best kind :)

When you can get what you love at prices that are great, why not? There is no rush like a great deal rush!

Thanks for stopping by. I agree Freecycle is awesome! Your chairs look great!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

I got that finial too (I painted my white)! You got lots of great stuff! Wasn't this the best HL clearance! I've never seen them go so low and still have stuff left to sell!


Marie said...

Oh my gosh - you definitely scored big time. Almost every day I read about awesome finds at Hobby Lobby. Do I have a store here in Cali? Nope. So bummed. I really love your crown hooks and the little frames - the one on the left I have but mine says "Sisters" for my girls' room. I won't tell you how much I paid for it - NOT 30 cents!


lil mama said...

Oh I LOVE Hobby Lobby clearance items!!! Great score :)