Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Am I crazy? Edited for DIY Thursday....

Edited For DIY Day over at A Soft Place to Land! Nothing huge, or super cool or even exciting, just a few small small redos. After checkin out my redos, head on over to Kimbas at a Soft Place to Land and check out everyones amazing DIY projects for the week! Be prepared to be inspired!

Don't answer that. But seriously I received my Free paint sample from Glidden, I ordered Robins Egg Blue, but help me out my friends, is this Robins Egg Blue? I have the letter painted in the Robins Egg Blue Sample I received and the little planter pot is in Robins Egg Blue that I bought from Michaels.

Am I right? Is this color off? Isn't robins egg supposed to have more of the greenish, aqua tint to it than the cloud blue color? I don't care about the sample, I am wanting a room in robins egg and don't want the sample to change my mind, I like the color on the pot. Just wondering if it's just me....

Seriously, am I crazy? I know, right. Don't say it. A chalkboard letter, I'm outta my mind. I could have at least wrote a word that started with R. This was more fitting though. Just playin in the paint anyhow.

My 1.00 tin from Hobby Lobby turned into yes another chalkboard. But I don't think it will stay this way as it's a bit to bumpy. I think I will paint the whole thing, scrap some pretty paper to the middle and make it a magnet board or monogram it and hang it, not sure. I will share when I am done, I have 2 of these to play with.

Some letters I painted, playing around in the paint some more. I love letters so much. These nice big letters are .99 at Michaels right now, they are MDF, and about 9 to 10 inches. Again painted in my so called robins egg blue, and one in Red Delicious the paint sample my grandma received. Again totally different than the swatch but still a pretty color.

Horrible picture, not sure what happened. An old frame, a little burlap, and a wooden birdie cutout from michaels that I painted white, these birds are awesome! I have used them on many projects, they are 1.99 a bag for 10, can't remember but I believe you get at least 10. I am working on something else with them.

Yep another chalkboard, sorry. I made this one from the free frames I showed you yesterday, ahh love freecycle. My pics are terrible, you see all the yuckiness once they are uploaded and I was just to lazy to retake them.

Again, the different shades of blue. It's bothering me.

And finally, my shadowbox frame. This was ugly and from the dollar store, I didn't take a before picture but have no fear I have one identical and will upload it after I get some sleep. I took everything out, adhered some scrapbook paper and glued a key. I left the frame as was and just sanded it a bit but you can't tell.

Aren't these little frames fun? 1.00 from michaels dollar section, love that little area! I added some scrap paper but don't worry I don't like it either. I already have plans for this little frame, you just wait. They had these in orange and black, oval and square, I got a couple.

My littlest guy, precious, right? I love him sooooo much! He's with grampy. Don't you want to squeeze those cheeks? I get too.

Just for fun, took some pictures at my Grammas, This one is bad, my oldest had the cushion from the swing in the floor in front of it playin and I just snapped a picture and ccropped it the best I could. My mom made this lovely and it is lovely. I love this one, color and all!

Grams living room, she hates her house, I think she is crazy and have offered to trade on many occasions. Mom made the shelf above the couch, another lovely.

Love this too, and guess who made it mommmm...

Excuse my luggage on the table, mom too made this shelf and the cabinet next to it. Pretty.

And here is the cabinet up close. Love love love this! As you can see she made it out of an old door. Awesome!

And that's all I got! Have a Great Wednesday!!!


Bonnie said...

Love what you're doing with your frames. You're giving me some fresh ideas to work with! And the shelf over the couch....I want it! Send your mom to my house when you're done with her!

Vanessa said...

Wow! Love all this blue! I agree, the one on the pot is lovely! Go for it! Now I'm wanting to have something blue... Love it!

Michelle said...

Wow, your mom is really talented...please compliment her for me...she did a great job with all those projects! So did you, Nicole!!! Love everything you did, especially the framed key picture - I think that's my favorite :)

Hope you have a Happy Wednesday, too!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

The color is definitely not the color you wanted! Take in the vase and have them color match it! Then it will be the exact color you want!!!


Stephanie said...

Love everything you are doing with the chalkboard paint. If you don't like the blue they sent, you can always color match to the blue you do like.

Nancy said...

I was going to say the same as ALVN, color match! When you find a color that you love...get that color in the brand that you like! You can give it your own name! Bugaboo blue, ha!
Your mom is so talented ...and so is her daughter! Nice work!

Lindsay@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

Ya, that rob-egg-blue isn't working, lol, that's funny. And P.S. you and your mom are amazing!

~Kimberly said...

If you ever need someone to snag up some of your mom's makings, send them my way! She makes some GREAT stuff!! LOVE IT ALL!

Marie said...

Hello Nicole! I love all your great finds. I love that Robin's Egg Blue you got from Glidden. That is a true robbin's egg blue - the only reason why I know is because I'm a December baby and turquoise is my color. There are two different shades of blue turquoise - either the true turquoise shade which as a lot of green in it, or this lighter, bluer shade "robin's egg." I have a ring in that color and it's the same shade as your Glidden paint. I agree with you though, I like the shade on the pot better! But I don't know what to call that shade of blue - more of a "seafoam?"

Does that totally confuse you? LOL.

I love the Michael's frames. And the furniture your Mom transformed is fabulous!


Sarah said...

You're a nut. I love all the chalkboard stuff you make, so cute! Also, I'm not sure what to think about those blues. Personally, I think robin's egg blue is more of a light blue, without the green tone to it. But I basically love all shades of blue so I'd use it anyway.
I'm no help!
I love the tiny frame with the wooden bird and the burlap. OOoooohhhAaaahhhhh

Michelle said...

Hey Nicole ~ I forgot to tell ya how ADORABLE your little guy is!!! (I meant to write that in my comment :)

Leighann said...

I love the key shadow box! Also, paint the bird's frame white to match him and see what happens.... thanks for stopping by. :)

Delightful Dwelling said...

I like the robin's egg color of the pot better than the paint, it is softer and more subtle. All those little frame projects are so cute, I really love the little bird.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Wow - you're mom is awesome! I like the color of the pot more than the letter - but that's just me.

Jaime @ A Place Out West said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love your ideas here. Those adorable frames are a great find; makes me want to head to Michael's!

Carrie said...

I love those little birdies!!! And that cabinet that your mom made...omgosh!

jenjen said...

Hi Nicole!
Wow - you are so talented. I love all of those letters. And the framed key is fabulous! Love it all!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my friend. It really means a lot to me!


Nikki said...

Thank you for your comment Nikki! I think the robbins egg blue is beautiful, and I think it might be the right color, the reason I know is because our wedding cake was robbins egg blue and it came out just like that, a light light blue. It is a beautiful color! and the letters look so fun:) awesome job on all those projects wow! Your mom makes gorgeous pieces, that last piece is just amazing, I can't believe she made it out of a door!? thats just so inventive!

-Nikki and ps I LOVE Michaels!!! its the best.

Nancy said...

Hi Nicole,
I love all your projects...very neat! I really like that little wooden bird glued to the burlap. So simple, yet cool.

I collect some robins egg blue graniteware (antique) and it's the same color as your paint. It doesn't have a green tint to it. I'm not sure if that's right or not, but I've always known robins egg blue to be more blue (baby blue).


sarah said...

I love the key picture! I recently got some of that scrapbook paper and now I know what I will do with it!! Thanks!

Missie said...

I like the chalkboard letter-- I have not seen that done with the letters yet. The frame from Michael's looks very elegant. I may have to get one.

Karli @ RockyBella said...

Thanks for your visit! I'm having a blast reading your blog! I need to go to bed, but I keep clicking "older posts". ahhh.
I love your creativity.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Love the framed key. The letters are great. I also ordered Robins Egg Blue, but haven't painted anything yet. Remember everyone's version of R E B is going to be a little different. Try to find a Martha Stewart Color, you know Martha should be right on. Jackie

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I love ALL your projects! :) The key shadow box and the birdie burlap are my faves. This is way late, but I wanted to thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)

LuLu & Co. said...

Nicole!!! You won my Vintage Seltzer Bottle!!! I'm so excited for you. email me your address so I can rush it to you!
my email address is mazlulu3@gmail.com
have a wonderful friday,

Farmgirl Paints said...

Ok hopefully this time it works...my comment just disappeared.

Your house is adorable Nicole and the Michael's picture frames are super cute and a complete steal! Have a great weekend.

Bellamere Cottage said...

How lovely to have happened by your blog...lots of cute things here, for sure... And, you Mom??? What a whiz with a hammer and saw....so amazing.

I just got my free paint too. What a deal! My kitchen is robin's egg blue...and I don't think this color is at all...darn. My daughter ordered that color too. She'll be disappointed. Shoot.