Saturday, August 22, 2009

2 More Kmart trips....

I hit 2 different Kmarts today for doubles, I am wore out. I went to Kmart twice, Target, and Goodwill. I will show you my Goodwill finds tomorrow.

This is both of my kmart trips, Sorry I was way to lazy to break it all up and sort it. So here is the breakdown....

4 Boxes of Rice Krispies, 2.25 each and after coupons $1.00 total for all 4 plus I will get a $5 gift card back in the mail, So I am actually making $4.00 on the cereal!! Woohoo! Rice krispies for dinner, haha!

2 bottles of softsoap FREE, 1 bottle I bought without a coupon and it was clearanced for $2.00

2 packages of Bic triumph roller pens $2.99 each making them both FREE after 2 coupons.

The angel soft and sparkle paper towels were .45 cents total for the both of them together.

The 4 pack of Olay soap was on clearance for $3.50 and I had $1.00 off coupon making it $1.50

The canister of wet ones was about .25 after coupons, the package of them was FREE

The carnation breakfast mixes were 1.99 after coupon

2 bottles of softsoap hand soap were FREE

The tweezers were .25 after coupon

The bounce dryer bar was on sale for 5 something and I had $1.50 off coupon ( from vocal point, saving the others for target this week ) so it was 2 something after coupon. I couldn't wait, I am dying to try one.

The bounce dryer sheets were on clearance for 2.99, I have a .25 off coupon making them $2.50 which I thought was pretty good as it's a big box and them things are high.

The sobe waters were $1.00 for both after coupon

And the soft scrub pads were 2 something, no coupon they are new and I had to try them out!

The pantene gel was $1 something after coupon.

The arm and hammer detergent was 2 something ( or 3 ) after coupon.

Seriously Kmart was fun! Lots of Great deals with coupons! I could of done more but I was way to tired! There is talk of another doubles event coming up at the end of the month so get those coupons ready and if you want to know more of where all the deals and steals are as well as where to get your coupons I highly recommend checking out Charlenes blog over at My Frugal Adventures! She is AWESOME! She posts tons of deals daily as well as shopping lists of how to use your coupons for the best deal each week!

At target I got quite a few deals too, including the beneful for $1 something after coupon and the Purina one was 3 something after coupon. I also found 2 more boxes of my oranges for $1.24 each ( cheaper than I got them last week I believe ), I also found oshkosh jeans for the little guy for $3 on clearance. I used my pepperidge farm coupons and got 2 packages of cookies for 1.50 each, just what I need. Do you use coupons? Do you shop the Kmart Double events? I would love to hear your latest deals!


Armchair Housewife said...


Oh, I am green with envy. I SO wish we had a coupon culture here in Canada. :( Glad for you on your buys, though, and am looking forward to seeing your thrift store finds later on. I got some great deals yesterday myself that I plan to post tonihgt. See yo later!

Family American Style. said...

Hi Nicole,

We just had the drawing for the photo necklace and you are the winner. Congratulations. Please e-mail me with your address within 48 hours.

Thank you for participating. Marianne

Betty819 said...

I didn't know K-mart would double manufacturer's coupons. Is this something new or just certain days of the week? I never thought of using coupons there. Do you find their prices competitive with the regular grocery stores? My husband is the better shopper in our family as far as knowing prices, and he says if we catch a sale at our grocery store, it beats K-mart's price. Example:liquid dish soap that we use. I will have to start using coupons again. Kind of got out of the habit. We have a K-mart only 1 mile from us. Thanks for the tips!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Major deals, Nicole! :) Can't believe the price on the Beneful! Thanks for the visit. I was shocked someone would give away such an expensive Xyron, but their loss is my gain. ;) Thanks for the visit!

Kelee said...


You are such a savvy shopper! I am impressed and wish you could do mine for me!

love, kelee

Relax and Escape said...

I am so jealous I missed out!! True master of saving!!

Lynda said...

You are a girl after mine own heart! I love, love, love me some coupons. People think I'm crazy b/c I buy the Sunday paper here for the coupons and sales ads alone (don't actually read the newspaper). I didn't realize that Kmart did double coupons. Is that all the time or just on certain occasions?

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Lynda @ Ramblings of a Sports Mad Southern Girl.

Wendy said...

Great deals!! We dont have a KMart anywhere near here, so I miss all those amazing deals! But I got 6 Reese's Cups, 2 Glade Refills, a Glade starter kit, 2 Kotex and 6 J&J kits for $6 at CVS!

Anonymous said...

What a haul - good for you! I have let my couponing efforts slip in late summer, and you've inspired me to regroup. Thanks!

Marie said...

Hello Nicole - seriously, if we lived closer we'd get into so much trouble shopping together! Actually, we would find all the deals so it wouldn't be that bad, it would just be a lot of fun! Great finds my friend!