Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Love me some Shoppin at home!

First this post is so totally random and talks about 20 different things, so bare with me. So my friend Tracy and I are having a garage sale/craft sale/candle open house on Saturday. Geesh, could I add anything else to that? It was more of a garage sale/craft sale but then with the new fall/holiday products just being released I thought why not and added that in and invited people. So this is what I am preparing for this week, I will have TONS ( hopefully ) of pictures to show you of things I have redone at the end of the week. Seriously. Hopefully. Let's hope this lets to be a productive week. So anyway, Tracy brought over all or some of her stuff tonight, I'm not real sure. Well do you think any of it will make it to the garage sale? NO, I hate myself, ALOT of it will be staying with me. Yep, I am so buying some more junk. But just look at all the cute stuff!

2 of these huge pretty black and white floor cushions!!!

I don't have a girl, nor do I have pink anywhere but I do love these rugs! Maybe I could change out the trim to match my new craft room? These are pretty good size and there are 2.

You know we can make cute little boxes like this pretty and up to date!

She had a whole basket of cute jewelry!

A few neat jars!

Probably one of my favorites, this cute cute canvas picture! It's very good size! She said do you think you could redo this? Uh noooo it's cute as it is! Right?

Remember the part about totally random? Well here we go. So today I got a party order I placed with all my new fall pretties and smellies and oh my is it ever fun to open up these boxes full of candles and smell them all!!! Seriously one of my favorite parts about this business. I had 4 boxes of goodies! Though they aren't all mine I did get me a few for my party displays! Pumpkin pie, sugar cookie, Cozy Christmas, Autumn Walk, Caramel Ginger Strudel, sooooo many yummy ones! I started burning a gingerbread house today and Oh my goodness, it's awesome!

Some more yummo floor cleaner!! Love it!

The new pretty catalogs!!! Yippeee! Fall, Christmas!!

All kinds of diffusers, and the new emerge candle!!! Eeek!

The new apple dapple drops candles, So cute, right? And of course very yummo smelling!

Ok this little cutie is on clearance on my website www.CandleFlavor.com, I almost didn't order it but I am so glad I did! Now I want another! It is soooo cute!!! It holds a votive and at $3.37 sign me up!

But this, this my lovelies is absolutely my favorite! Again, I almost did not order it but it was clearanced to $11.75 and it is sooooo much cuter in person! I love love love it! It's much bigger than I expected too!

And these, the Candy Cane Christmas Columns!! Love them!!! These go fast every year!! So cute! My husband asked where I got the Dr. Suess candlesticks, funny funny man. Tis why he does not decorating in the home.

And finally, the new sugar cookie diffuser....Sugar Cookie is one of my favorites!!! And now it comes in a diffuser and I love it! I had to use this one for myself!

More random....I never shared these, found them at Goodwill last Saturday and let's just say they got a new look. I was however a bit partial to them as my first sons room was done in this pattern. Awww...

And here is my desk I got for $25 that I never shared!!! Don't you love it!! The top drawers are fake but it opens from the top, sooo cute and will be great black with some distressing! Can't wait to finish it!!!

I told you, completely random tonight!! So much going on, so excited!! You can visit my website at www.CandleFlavor.com to see any of the above candle goodies!! Also if you want a catalog and a tealight sample register on my website and I will mail you out one!! Those still waiting on theirs they will go out tomorrow as I receive more in the mail tomorrow!! Woohoo!!

I encourage you to invite a friend over and swap junk! It's fun, lol!

Have a Great Day!!!


jskell911 said...

Great stuff. I don't blame you for wwanting it all. That desk is adorable white. Can't wait to see how it turns out

jenjen said...

Wow - how cool. Good luck with your garage sale/craft sale - I am sure it will be a huge success!