Monday, August 17, 2009

New paint color! And I need your help!!!!!

What do you think of that color? We are getting ready to paint our kitchen, cabinets and all. I will spare you the hideousness and hold out on the before pictures til it's finished. We have one of those pretty little hallway kitchens, you know what I am talking about right? Seriously. I hate out kitchen. But it's mine and I have to live with it so I am hoping some paint color and making it my own will help a little. It is SO SMALL. We have no cabinet space at all, none. Our fridge is gigantic, our stove is itty bitty and green. I believe it's an apartment size. Though we won't be updating the appliances just yet we will be updating everything else. Out cabinets were put it in about 2 years ago but they are ugly wood color and fake, no hardware. I do like our countertops though. They aren't bad. We are painting the cabinets black, I know gasp ( my gramma probably just fell out of her chair, sorry grams ). I just told you my kitchen is itty bitty and I know your thinking black? In a little kitchen? But we do get pretty good lighting in there as we have a big ugly window over the sink and 2 more littler windows in there. I like the look of the white cabinets but it's just not for me, I cannot imagine having white cabinets with 3 boys in the house. No way. So I am wanting that green on the top of the walls, and white on the bottom with black cabinets? Can I do that? Have the bottoms of my walls white with black cabinets? I need help, I am HORRIBLE with paint colors, hence the completely red living room and dining room. In the kitchen we have the chair rail? but there isn't much of it and we were going to paint the bottom of it white and the top the green. Oh heck here is a small picture of what I am talking about....

Seriously I cannot believe that I am showing you these pictures. Am I the only one that has a list of a million of the simplest little things that needs to be done? Like replacing that awful disgusting mini blind for example. I am trying to knock out all the little things around here, we need to paint all the trim, yep we skipped that part when we painted the walls. The new wall we added still needs trim, lots of blinds need replacing, there is just so many easy little fixes that I am determined to cross off my list in the next couple of weeks. Oh and about the green stove you are all drooling over. I know you are all wondering where can I get a beauty like that? I promise when we get new, I will let you all know and you can fight over it. Seriously it's a beauty.

These are the cabinets I told you about. And really this is about it for our cabinet space. We have 2 more one above the stove and one above the fridge that you need a ladder to get to, so needless to say they don't get used. I have no room in here to add any storage so I am working on a solution for that. Any ideas? You are all brilliant, help me out.

I made hubby hang that shelf above my little cabinet in the dining room, and I hate it. I don't know how to decorate it. I kind of like what's on the shelf but I need help with decorating the cabinet. Any ideas? I think it looks junky as is. Should I take the shelf off the wall and hang a picture or mirror or something else? What do you all think?

Ok enough with the kitchen issues. Menards has these bags of 50 clothespins for .99 cents and I can't wait to show you what I am doing with them! Nothing seriously spectacular but cool!

Ohhhh and I stocked up on some much needed spray paint! 2 cans of heirloom white, 1 glossy black, and 1 cinnamon color for some fall projects!

Target has all these cute little letters marked down to like .48 cents, These will be cute for some monogram projects.

These were in the dollar section which was loaded with half off items. Half off a dollar, I will take it! haha! These are nice big magnet letters, These will be great for something!

And letter stickers for 1.00, can never have to many of these!

These little water squirters were clearanced for .24 cents, I bought about a dozen as I think they are great for goody bags for my sons upcoming birthday. Something to fill them up with.

These cute sprite tins will be great redone and hello they were half off too and only .50 cents.

Well are you still reading? Did I bore you? Would love to hear your feedback on my kitchen colors and cabinet setup! I need all the help I can get! Over the next few weeks I will be showing you my living room, craft room ( eek! ), dining room and other rooms. Have a Wonderful Tuesday!


jskell911 said...

Nicole, I love that paint color and cannot wait to see how it looks in the kitchen. Me? Hubby would kill me if I picked that~ LOL. I hear ya on the paint color issue. We bought our house 3 years ago and still cannot decide on colors. And we know we don't like what we have.

Good luck with the project!

The cabinet is adorable. I would go with a pic that ties in with the fabric you put on the front instead of the shelf IMVHO

Armchair Housewife said...

Hey Nicole,

I don't know if I can give an advice on the color scheme. The color is bright and lovely and I think giving your kitchen a new scheme would be lovely no matter rwhat at first. Honestly, I would wonder if black, white, and bright green might be a combination you would tire of, as it's very distinct, but 1) that might just be me showing my own preferences and 2) then you could always just repaint! But I like th eblack cupboard idea, as long as the paint isn't too glossy.

As for cupboard space, the place we live in now had the exact same probelm as you. Just a few tiny little cupbards. Now, do you have floor space available in the kitchen? We did, so I went to Ikea and bought a shelf that was probably just supposed to be a book shelf, with doors on the bottom half, and turned it into a pantry. Also, I then hunted down a deco-style bureau and put that along the other wall to hold a bunch of other stuff. It also added to my counter space.

So those were my solutions, but again, i have availbale floor space. Let us know what you do to solve it. :)


Heidi said...

I LOVE the green. I just painted my laundry room a similar color. I think the black & white will look great. And in a few years when you decide to do something else you only have to repaint the green. I've been wanting to paint our kitchen cabinets (shhh, I haven't told my husband yet, bc he'll FREAK!) Can't wait to see how yours turn out and how much work it really is. (people make it seem so easy in blogland) Good Luck! Can't wait to see your results

supertim82 said...

The green isn't bad. I would NOT paint the cabinets. Those are new and match the floor pretty well. I would pick a color that accents the cabinet colors. Green and white would be ok and the chair rail separation always makes for an interesting look. Regarding cabinet space, you could always get storage racks in the basement or something for canned/dry goods. Also, baker's racks or hooks to put your pots/cookbooks on are a great addition to any kitchen.

Six in One Hand said...

I love the green with the black and white!! Very vibrant!!!

Sarah said...

What color is that? I just painted my laundry room a color like that yesterday!

Good luck with whatever you choose! It is serious business painting cabinets. Something that is hard to change back if you change your mind!

Gwen said...

I heart that color! I almost picked one just like that last week from ReStore, but I couldn't figure out where I wanted it.

I think that the black is a good idea on the cabinets. My last house had a kitchen like yours and let's face it, you can't change the facts, but you can make it stand out. Just because it is small doesn't mean that it can't have style!

My only question with the new paint color is how it will look with your appliances. It looks like it will be right next to your stove, so check that out first.

P.S. I miss my small kitchen. It was less walking, less to clean and now I can never find anything!

Embellished Bayou said...

I need to get to Target stat!! Good luck with your kitchen, sorry I don't have any advice but I like that paint color (perhaps just on the bottom of the chair rail?)

gloria said...

Check out The Lettered Cottage blog. She has the BEST black cabinets in her kitchen. Distressed and very classy.

I actually like the shelf and would use it for wine glasses or put cute labeled baskets on it for storage.

Good luck!