Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thrifty timeeee!!!!!!

It's thrifty time! Head on over to Rhodas at Southern Hospitality and check out everyones finds for the week!!! It's so much fun seeing everyones goodies for the week, but it always adds to my list of wants and things to make, lol.

I feel like I haven't posted in forever, I hate it but I have been so busy getting the little guy ready for school, cleaning and getting ready for company coming ( my dad ) tomorrow. He will be here til Thursday afternoon, So I will probably be MIA most of this week. I will try and get something up while he is here. No garage sales for me this week, remember my big sale I was waiting for this week that I told you about last week? Uh yea it was last week. I totally missed it. I seriously wanted to cry. Oh well. I went to GoodWill instead, not to great of a week but still found a few goodies to play with.

But before I get to my Goodwill finds, Let me share my Kmart trip. It's double time ( up to 2.00 coupons get doubled ) and double time is AWESOME! I love saving money and getting freebies! I got all 5 cans of the bumblebee tuna for $1.00 total, the 24 rolls of charmin was $5.00, 4 boxes of cereal ( only 2 shown ) for $3.00 ( which they overcharged me and I have to go in and get a refund but going back for more doubles anyway ), The aveeno baby wash was .79 cents each ( Awesome! ), the sharpie highlighters .19 cents, scrubbing bubbles toilet gel cleaner FREE, Softsoap FREE, and the diapers were from krogers and 3.00, I like huggies but for 3.00 hey, I'll take it! I also hit up CVS and they have the rinse agent kids mouthwash on clearance for 1.47, scope .75 cents, kids light up toothbrushes 2 for 1.00, I got 2 packs of huggies for 5.50 each ( got $4 in extracare bucks back on them ), I got a tooth whitening system for 2.47 on clearance, I got 4 12 packs of pepsi for 8.00 plus $4 in extracare bucks!

I liked the glass on this? Not real sure why I got it, but I did, eh.

Hanging basket for 1.00

The milk glass lamp was 2 something, the wood will get painted black, I think it will go nicely with the other one I found and showed you a couple of weeks ago. The little candle thingy for 1.00, and the pan thingy?

I got this big jar at Marshalls on clearance for 7.50, it's nice and big. The oranges were on clearance for 2.48 at Target and uh yea I need more. I also found moss rocks on clearance there for a box for 3.98. I also got a great set of sheets, nothing fancy at all, 19.99 for a set of king size and they are the jerzee kind and yes that is my favorite. I have the fancy kazillion thread count, though I am sure if I had tried them I would be in love. They also had some toys on clearance, pretty picked over but I found a few things super cheap to put back for Christmas, my son was with us and saw them though, bummer. So we probably won't make it til Christmas, by then they will be at the bottom of the toy box :( I got a few others crafty things from the target dollar section that was half off that I will show you later, can't wait!

This is my favorite! I love love love this big chunky thing, 1.00

Not the greatest looking keys but I will find something to do with them.

This is my second thingy like this, I wasn't sure why I bought it but if anything they will be great in the craft room for holding little things.

This was 3.99 and will be soooo pretty when I am done with it!

This was 2.99 I think, will make a great something. Chalkboard maybe, not sure yet.

This lovelyyyyyy I wonnnnnn! I love love love it! The wonderful Abi over at Monkey Tree Creations made this Beautiful stocking!!! Now I need to buy more so I have one for each of us!!! She has lots of cute things in her etsy shop here. I love the little dolls!!! Adorable! Go visit her and say hello! It came in the cutest little handmade package, I just loved it! Thank You Abi!!!

And what about this aodrable handmade flower pin? Isn't it cuuuuuuuuutttteeeeeee? I love it!!! I won this in a giveaway from the lovely Lisa over at kssnnikkel! I love it and have the perfect place for it! I think these are super cute pinned to a cute tote bag, or jacket, or basket! Lots of ideas for these! Check out her etsy shop here and see all her handmades! Thank You Lisa!!!!

Well that's all my lovelies! Don't forget to check out my website here and see all the new fall/holiday pretties! FALLLLLLL! I cannot wait!!!!! I cannot say it enough, really I am so excited for fall and winter!!! I have so much more to post about, hopefully I will have time this week, hopefully. We have school starting Wednesday, my dad and stepmom will be here, doctors appointments, etc. So much to do! Have a Great Week!!!!


Beth said...

Okay, I'm loving the coupon tips for K-mart and your thrifty finds are fabulous.

Queen B. said...

GREAT FINDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sue said...

You were a frugal girl at the Kmart, Nicole! I like your mirrored & pegged hanging rack- not sure what to really call it. lol Are those open areas supposed to be used for photos? Get to work and show us what you do to it- I am very curious as to what you're gonna show...

Britt said...

Oh my goodness! You got so many great deals! I love that apothecary jar and those oranges, and I just can't believe your deals at KMart. Great job!

Armchair Housewife said...


Very loverly stuff, dear. I am so glad about your grocery saving, I find here in Canada there just isn't the same coupon culture like there is in the US, so we realaly miss out on stuff like that. :(

I love the mirror/frame wall hanging you got and can't wait tosee how your transform it.

I can't remember if you came over to my place yet, but just FYI theres a giveaway going on, wouldn't want you to miss, friend. :)


Cheri Peoples said...

Have you ever been to Southern Savers?
Come for a visit.
Its So Very Cheri

Anonymous said...

You are one lucky girl! All those amazing finds, and some fabulous blog prizes. Yay for you!!

Gwen said...

nice finds! I wish that we had a Kmart here!

Lisa said...

They took our Kmart away a long time ago. Walmart is boss in these parts. I have to travel over an hour to go to Kmart or Target. :(
Thanks for shout out,glad you like it!

Elizabeth said...

I reeeeeeeeeeealy like the milk glass lamp! I have started to collect miilk glass and only have a few pieces. Love it!

Wendy said...

Such great stuff! The jar, the oranges, the chunky thing, the lamp... Great trip!

ThriftyAnnabella said...

You found a lot of great things and made some great buys at double coupon days.

jenjen said...

Look at you! You saved all kinds of money! I love those keys. And what great grocery deals too.

Good job! Have a fun time with your dad!