Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sale Items!!! And Fall/Holiday Products Released!!!

Sorry I have been MIA, getting the little guy ready for school and we have company coming for a week! Been busy busy! I will get something posted tonight or in the morning! But read through below and check out all the new holiday and fall products plus some clearance on my website!!!

Some of the new Fall/Holiday goodies just released!!

And some more pretties!!!!

Just wanted to get this up before they are gone! They will go fast! A few items have been marked down on my website! Visit and click on candles, then holders to see these items. Also our FALL and CHRISTMAS items are now up on the site!!! Go check them out!!! Sooooo many pretty fall and holiday items plus SOOO MANY great scents!!!! They have also added an emerge candle, plus we now have a fine fragrance collection available in 3 scents!!!!You can also register on my website to be updated with sales and specials plus to receive a tealight sample and catalog in the mail! Sorry the pics aren't very big, if you click the pictures it takes you to my website...

Antique Candlestick $6.50

Candlestick cup ( holds our 50z heritage) 3.62
Small Iron Stand 5.87
Large Iron Stand 6.12
Cottage Tealight Lamp 11.75
Set of 2 tealight Squirrel Holders 6.00
Perching bird $3.50
Honey Bee Pot 3.37

Also did you know you can sign up for only $20? Try it out and see if it's for you, or sign up to receive the discounts! Contact me for more info!!


Sarah said...

Woop! Great deals!
I want the tea light lamp and the antique candlestick holder. :) Sign me up!

Lea said...

Hi Nicole,
Just droppin in to say hello.
I was trying to add you to my twitter and for some reason my twitter is acting up? I'll keep trying.
Have a wonderful day!

Kelee Katillac said...

Hi Nicole!

Looks like you have found a way to let your star shine!!!
Independent business is great for many happy you love it!