Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sooo am I crazy? Yep. Probably but super excited!

Ugggghhhh, Blogger is driving me crazy, it won't let me use my signature, but I am LOVIN the new post option, you can actually put pictures where you want them! You need to go in to your posting options and change your settings to the new post option to try it out!...Ok, had to get that out. So I know I haven't posted all my projects I said I was going to, I know, I know, I know, I'm terrible! But I promise they are coming. My little guy still hasn't been feeling well, he is better today and with 3 new toothies! Pour baby! Anyway, guess what?? I am so super excited, as I am redoing my bathroom COMPLETELY, all by MYSELF! Seriously, this is the biggest thing I have ever done and I am ever so proud of myself.

 The left blue color is what I mixed, I am still tweaking it a bit but I like it better than the color on the right, which was my free glidden paint.

Let me give you a little background on my bathroom, ( I have before pics but sorry I refuse to show them til it's finished or you might not come back, it's. that. bad. ) It's horrid, no seriously its bad. It has been this way since we moved in over a year ago, once you see the before pics you will wonder how in the world I could stand this bathroom like this for so long. The paint, well not just the paint a lot of parts of the wall are peeling, the medicine cabinet is ginormous and hideous, the bottom half of the walls are tiled, the tiles you can tell where moisture got behind them and ruined them, plus they are like a greyish and mauve color,Our bathroom needs completely gutted, needs a new tub, needs all new walls, needs to be bigger, it's the only bathroom in the house and hopefully we will eventually have one in the basement so that we can rip up our main bathroom but that will be forever, so I decided to make it as pretty as I could, make it more livable, for now, until we get to tear it out and start over. I could not stand it anymore. I am changing everything, and guess how much it's all going to cost me? Nothing, nadda, zilch, absolutely FREE! That alone excites me. I had the paint and just mixed it to make the color more what I wanted, I scraped and peeled all the nastiness off the wall and used some plaster stuff we already had to smooth out the walls the best I could, I am changing up the mirror, painting the vanity, and guess what, I am adding wallpaper to cover the tiles on the bottom. I know what your thinking, no way but there is no way I can rip the tiles off and I know behind them is going to be probably a huge mildewy mess so for now, until this will work. Right? Wait til you see the wallpaper I am using, Can you guess? You all have seen it, right here on my blog.

Your probably thinking I am crazy, I am, but trust me when you see the before pictures you will agree with me that something needed to be done til the big redo can happen. Plus it's free and it really hasn't been that much work. After done I will probably have spent one day on it. What do you think of the color? The first picture above I was just playing, should I have gone with the lipstick red? Hahaha no way! They were all paint I had and again, I was playing in paint.

A couple of ugly things that I can't change in the bathroom are the flooring, it's black and white tile, and the countertop which is ugly but I ain't touchin it. Oh and the tub of course. It stays for now. Ok no promises but hopefully I will be all done after Monday. I will be back with something to show you before then though. Tomorrow we are headed to my grams for a cookout, what are your Labor Day Weekend plans?

I have lots of things to come this week. I am on a kick to get organized ( I am the most unorganized person on the planet ), I am reorganizing my kitchen, craft room, closets, you name it, Everything in this house is going to have a spot. It gets so messy when it doesn't. I also have a bloggy friend starting a candle party, my very first one eek! As well as a giveaway coming up!

Enjoy your 3 day weekends and time with the family!!!!!

Nicole :)


Sarah said...

I can't wait to see the big reveal Nicole!!

Lisa said...

I'll be waiting! You could tile your counter top it is really easy. I am also VERY unorganized. :)Lisa

Lindsay@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

Good Luck! Go for the gold! (the prize, not the color)