Sunday, September 6, 2009

Some fun, much needed family time....

So today was fun, we went to my grams and grampys, hung out with the family, ate, laughed, ate, took lots of goofy pictures, and ate some more. Ok I really didn't eat that much, but I do wish I had. My gramma made ribs ( seriously the best I have had ), barbecue chicken, a yummo salad, baked beans, potato salad, mac and cheese, rolls, pumpkin pie ( ewww ), and corn on the cob. It was gooooooood! We are going back tomorrow for more! It was a rainy day but you all know I love that!

 We laughed, and fought over who was going to clean up the mess....This is my aunt amy, and my mom in the back their.

Isn't he so sweet? Precious. My other little guy hates his picture taken and he wasn't their long today as he had a bday party to attend. He had a blast.

My gramps and the little guy. My grampy is the bestttttt! I love this man! Isn't this picture precious?

We ate this.... I won this from a giveaway on A Giveaway Everyday, It is a cake from Bake Me A Wish.  This was a Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cake and let me tell you it is yummmmmmy! A delicious cake delivered right to your door? What could be better? I think these are great to send someone who lives far away, or to someone that has everything and you have no idea what to get.

I can't believe I did not take a picture of it's prettiness before cutting into it, I guess it was just that good, lol. It's rich, and thick and moist. Seriously good. Oh and I am sure it's low in fat.

Ok who else is lovin bloggers new posting option? I am so excited about it. I can write my post and as I go I can click add image and it actually adds it where the cursor is. My goodness does this ever save on time. Plus you can do the strike through now, it's Great!

I made this today before we left to my grams. I know it's ugly, but I took out some store bought pilsbury cookie dough ( still learning the striking thingy mabobber, when and where to use it ), I had little candy stick thingys, and some little baggies I had gotten at walmart on clearance, I put the cookies on the cookie sheet, stuck in the sticks, baked, let them cool, bagged them up and added some ribbon, that was cute. But then I wanted a cute container so I stuck them in this with foam, and some red grassy stuff, I know it's not the cutest but for a few minutes in a hurry it's something. Also this is after the car ride, with a antsy 7 year old holding it and playing with it...These could be realy cute though in a little basket or a bucket with some cute pinwheels, or a little sign, or whatever. Add some cute little candies or icing smiley faces to the cookies. So much could be done and it's so easy.

Remember this big green frame...

Well it needed a change, I sprayed it with some heirloom white and hung it on the wall. Love how it looks against the red walls. Did I distress it to much though?

So yep that was my day...Lots of randomness...But lots of fun and family time. We do NOT do it enough, holidays are not enough for us to all get together. Everyone. Hubby and I for awhile were going to my grandparents at least once a week, my aunt would come and we had a great time, but then you get busy and slack off and someday we will regret it. So we made a pact tonight on the way home to visit them at least once a week. They always complain cause we never come over and never bring the kids, they love seein the littles ( and me too of course :), We love going over their, my gramma is a nut ( a good nut ) and my gramps is just awesome and funny, we just get so busy, then the weekend comes and it's like we don't want to leave the house. I think it would be nice if the WHOLE family did it at least once a month. And instead of grams cooking everytime go to dinner, or everyone bring a dish, something like that. She always cooks, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Every. Single. Holiday. And she does it ALL herself, turkeys, hams, all the fixins, all by her lonesome, every holiday.Seriously that is A LOT of work for a soon to be 70 year young lady. Who does the cooking for your family get togethers? What are your holiday traditions? Is there one place everyone goes to every holiday? I would love to hear about all of yours!

Ok, this has been me rambling, But it's 12:32 am and I am going to go work on the bathroom even though I want to crawl into bed I have to makeup for lost time today, so nite nite all! Have a Great Labor Day Monday!!


Lisa V. said...

You are GREAT!!

Jenglamgirl said...

Yum the cake, cute spray painted frame, family time is great! I agree my family doesn't get together enough! My mom usually hosts the holiday dinner at her home. However, for the last few years the kids (me included) will bring a side to help.

P.S. HELP???? I know nothing about the strike throughs which I would love to do??? and nothing about bloggers new put your picture where you want? could you please fill me in? that would be great!

Anonymous said...

The frame is very cute but Yes I do think you distressed it too much. That cake looks delicious. I think I've had it before. Some crazy lady brought it to my mom's house over Labor Day weekend. Who's that girl in that pic doing the dishes? Do you know her? She is really pretty. I bet she's a lot of fun to hang out with too. Can you tell her hi for me and I'm a huge fan. Thanks.