Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More scrabble tile necklaces and a Christmas pretty....

It's a given that I love love love scrapbook paper. I buy it and buy it and then sometimes I catch myself not wanting to use it as it's just to pretty. Silly, I know. But then it's all good because with that pretty scrapbook paper we make something we will love and cherish in our homes for years to come...Like this...

I just love this paper! I LOVE Christmas and love this story, so to have it framed and all pretty in my home excites me. And hello? Soooo super easy, a frame + pretty scrapbook paper = art. I think I may try this in a black frame as it may pop more? I am also thinking I may use my cricut ( for the first time, I still have not played with that baby ) and cut out some letters for the ourside of the frame....Twas the... or something, no idea but it needs something.

Can you believe I forgot to take a before photo? The frame was smaller so I had to cut off a pretty picture that went along the bottom of it. I have to have more of this paper and will definitely make my own frame for it next time. Don't you love it? I have 3 more sheets of the neatest Christmas paper and can't wait to show you those!

Here are some more scrabble tile necklaces I have been working on. I love making these, super easy and inexpensive and so many possibilities! For these I used a sheet of yes scrapbook paper that had little stamps of Vintage Christmas images that were just a little bit bigger than the scrabble tile so they were perfect for these....

I finally got some diamond glaze but unfortunately I am still battling the bubbles. I just don't get it. You may not see them, but they are soooo super tiny and there are tons of them! It goes on smooth and bubble free but doesn't dry that way. Anyone have any idea why? Suggestions? I honestly think I am entirely to picky.

Aren't these little cards cuteeeee? I love them!! I will show you tomorrow oh wait it's after 2am so I guess I will show you today what I did with these little pretties.

I am still working on my dressform. I was going to show you the progress but decided I wanted to wait until it's finished. I just need to pick up some black ribbon for it, can you believe I have no black ribbon? I am also embellishing it a bit! I am a bit nervous about how I did it. Do you ever do something thinking oh this is so great, love it for about 5 minutes then blahhhh you hate it? Well that's how I am feeling about what I did and there is no going back, but I will have plenty more to play with! I am thinking these may be good in my etsy shop that will be opening soon.

Lot's going on here, I love it! I love being busy! It's been a pretty exciting week and I will share more of that later :)


Bec said...

Love Love Love your frame!!!
It's gorgeous. Love it!!
Can't wait to see it with the writing around it.
And I can't wait to see what you have done with the dress form!!

Love your work!!!

Wendy said...

They look great! Sorry, I dont have any ideas or tips on the Diamond Glaze.

jenjen said...

Your pendants turned out so cute! I have never tried Diamond Glaze. I use Triple Thick. I have gotten a few bubbles, but not many. I heard that if you light a match above the glaze, it pops the bubbles. But I don't know if that is true.