Saturday, October 10, 2009

My newest addiction....Paper Mache!!!

I feel like I haven't blogged in foreverrrrrrrr. I have sooooo much to share and so much to show. I have been playing in paper mache, have you ever paper mached? Ohhh my goodnesss, it's amazing and so addicting! I LOVE it! I love that you can make it with things you have at home, the paper mache recipe I used was just flour and water, equal parts of each! That's it! Here are a couple of things for now....

My mom made this snowman about 4 or 5 years ago, she made it out of yes paper mache. I love it and it has held up so well. She antiqued hers and I will do that with my next as I like the look of it.

Here's mine. Laugh, I know, he makes me chuckle too. But I am still so proud of it as it was so stinkin easy and fun to make. It's just 2 balloons, in different sizes, covered in paper mache, then taped together and then I added another layer. It's amazing how hard this stuff gets. Before you put the second layer on push in the bottom ever so gently to get a flat bottom so he can sit. I used brads for his face. He needs a carrot nose, too. I already have several more drying that I have sooooo many more ideas for. Like adding cute little vintage tags that say brrrr or snow, vintage buttons, scarves made out of scraps of pretty fabrics, stick arms, my next ones won't have so many huge bumps in the paper mache, I am not going for a smooth finish but this one is a bit to bumpy in areas.

This is my favorite. I want to make up a whole bunch of these for a big old enamelware bowl I have. Again it's a little lumpier, but it just gives it a grubby look, right? Anyone? I just used a stick for the stem. I also am making some and wrapping them in twine, they are super cool and can't wait to show them. I used a balloon for the pears form, but hello old light bulbs are perfect!

Can you guess what that is? Ohhhh it's love let me tell you!! I will show you her or it, hmmm tomorrow! I can't waittttttttt!

I have some Super easy Christmas artwork to show you tomorrow as well. I am in LOVE with it!! Love I tell ya! My son loves it to! I have soooooooo much going on! It's crazy! I am working on a No Tricks, Just Treats event for Oct. 31st, I have Business After Hours I will be selling my candles at Oct. 22nd, I am finishing up custom letters for the salon, lots of them, seriously, lots! I can't wait to show you those! I hope she likes them!!!

Thursday night I attended a Bra party at the salon, yes a bra party, but it was so much fun now I am planning to host one. These bras are Amazinggggg! Expensive but amazing! I can't wait to order one. Seriously I am and have always been large chested, some would say blessed, but I don't feel blessed at all having them, I would trade for an A any day. We were sized, then given a bra in our new size to try on and I could not believe the difference, I don't remember them ever being that high up, my bra wasn't riding up the back, my straps weren't killing me, and my shirt fit looser. And the sizing, oh my, have you ever seen it on Oprah where she talks about how most people are wearing the completely wrong size in a bra? Yeah well I was about 20 sizes off, not kidding people. To much information? I just wanted to share, in case someone out there with the same problem is looking for a bra lifeline, haha! Email me, I will give you more info. No I don't sell them or get anything for referring you to them, I know the pain of having this problem though.

Ok wow! So come back tomorrow to see more paper mache projects!!! Is anyone loving this Beautiful fall weather as much as I am? It's cold, it's been rainy, I LOVE it!

Have a Wonderful Sunday!!!


Wendy said...

Those are really cute! Love the pear. I totally feel you in the bra department! I do NOT wear plus size clothes but the only place I can find bras that fit are Lane Bryant! And I'm not really in love with them, but I dont have any other local options.

Lisa V. said...

I am in LOVE with the snowmen and the pear. You are so freaking crafty!!! Make some of those up and I will buy them.
Glad you enjoyed your bra party, I have the opposite problem and have only found bra's at JMS.

You Rock!!

Lisa said...

I love how both came out,the bumps just give it personality.
I'll be back tomorrow!!

Rhonda in OK said...

I've been wanting some pears but did not want to pay a huge price for them - thanks for the wonderful idea! I am pretty sure I can afford balloons and old lightbulbs :)

Bec said...

Love the snowman!! Gorgeous!!

Helen Joy said...

I love that pear! So gorgeous! Can't wait to see the dress form!