Friday, May 29, 2009

Bad bad blogger...

I know I am terrible ( not that anyone is reading this, lol ) but if you are, I am sorry. This week I have been crazy busy working on my open house. What open house? you ask. Well as you know I am an Independant Demonstrator for Gold Canyon and I was given an awesome opportunity to set up at an Open House a salon I go to is hosting. My husband works next door to the salon and works on their computers and mentioned that I sold candles a few months ago and she ( the owner ) said well tell her she can put them in my salon, so I have a little display in there that I must add is very sad right now but I am waiting to make it pretty after this open house. So anyway it's going to be pretty big, we invited ALOT of people! The girl hosting it and I have been planning and preparing for it for about a month, last week we made the gift baskets or this week, lol, my days are running together. Today we are making the goody bags ( 100 of them ). The gift baskets are Awesome! There is a huge one with now over 300 in product and to have a chance to win that one you have to either make a purchase or schedule an appointment, and for the other 2 baskets you just have to enter to win! Plus we are giving away a few other little prizes. The goody bags are going to be filled with candle samples, salon samples, and other fun stuff as well as postcards from those participating with specials for that day.

In the big gift basket their are several gift certificates for various services at the salon including free massages, free hair coloring, etc. Also there is a sign and block thingy I made ( pictures below ), my candles, the scrub and lotion I sell, a pedicure kit, a cute mini bow dryer, shampoo and conditioner and much more, plus the basket alone is awesome! I will post lots of pictures of the open house after it's over. Which I must add I am really excited about it but very ready for it to be done. It is next Saturday June 6th by the way. My display is going to be so prettttty! I ordered lots of product for it, as well as made some things to make my displays pretty.

Here is the sign and block picture holder thing I made for the big basket. The picture holder cube is going to hold a cute little card with the names of everyone who put in for the basket. Would you be excited to win this? I am just not sure how I feel about the sign.

I made this pendant yesterday, what do you think? I am not thrilled about it but for my first not to bad...

Here are some other pendants I made this morning. These are so easy to make and are Great gifts! Well I think, I am so uneasy about gifting anything I make as I always hate everything I make.
I will post again later today as I have several other projects in the works, I am working on a couple of chalkboards, as well as a cute little cake stand thingy made out of a plate. I have to search and find the links to these as they were ideas from other blogs and I definately want to post where I found the idea.
Off for now as my little bugaboo is not cooperating today, lol...He is refusing to take his morning nap!
Til next time...


Dawn said...

Hey Nicole! I love what you've created for your Open House! I'm my own worst critic too!

I love that sign, it's so cute!

I also love those pendants. Would you mind sharing how you made them?

Best of luck at your Open House!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds like a fabulous Open House!

All your gifts are wonderful! We are all too hard on ourselves I think. Anyone would be thrilled to get that great stuff!

marie*jolie said...

Those pendants are beautiful! How did you make them? What a fabulous handmade gift those would be!