Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More of Moms Beauties, Prim Dollies, and more, lots of pictures!

My Mom is a crafter as you know if you have read my previous post here on some of her creations. She has been crafting many many years. She taught herself how to sew at a very young age and that is how she started. Then later on she got into woodworking and started making primitive furniture, cabinets, benches, shelves, whatever she thought up. Then she got back into sewing and started selling on Ebay a few years back, she is Patty Cake Primitives. Now mostly she does paper clay dolls, snowmen, santas, she does alot of needle felting ( no clue what that is, lol ), she makes the cutest little Mice! Anyways I thought I would share with you a few of her past creations she has made, these are all originals, her designs no patterns, etc. Enjoy!

I love these little dollies, and what a cute little table she made for them. These were part of her doll line called the HogJaw Dolls, hence the chubby little cheeks. It's something my Gramma has always said about the little ones, oh look at those little hogjaws, and then lots of cheek pinching was usually involved, hehe. Love it! The heads of these dolls she sculpts out of paper clay and antiques them a bit.

I love this little set too and love that old trunk she fixed up!

Her angels are one of my favorites! You can hang them too, they look super cute hanging on an old door or a prim shelf...I love that grungy polka dot dress!

These have to be one of my favorites, These were from one of her lines as well, these are all sculpted out of paper clay and they stand on little paper mache boxes that open up!

Ohhhh and her cute bunnies! I love this ole bunny and all the little bunnies!

I think this was Penny another from the HogJaw line, love it!

And here is one of those little mousers I told you I love! These are needle felted, again I am clueless, lol.

And look at this pouting little cutie! Man I only wish I had half of her talent!

More bunnies, This is a family of bunnies, Ma, Pa, and the little kiddies....

This is another HogJaw Dolly, She is too cute!

Being we are only a few days away from the Fourth of July, I thought I would share a couple of her patriotic creations...Here is an Uncle Sam doll she did.....

And this set I love, 3 Little Mice celebrating the holiday on their little parade float which is an old vintage mouse trap that she added some wheels too. Love that little tiny flag!

Unfortunately she has not crafted in almost a year as she went back to work ( construction ) and has moved but she will be back very soon and I can't wait! I do all of her listings and the selling part for her and she does the sewing and crafting part, I am currently workin on a blog for her as we did away with her website, we still have the address so it will be http://www.pattycakeprimitives.net/ I will definately post when it's up and runnin! Thanks for Stoppin by!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I LOVE those mice! So cute!! :) Thanks for visiting. Your comment was so sweet!! :)

LuLu said...

Your mom is so very talented! They are all adorable. wishing you a wonderful day,

KarenB said...

Wow, Nicole, your Mom does a great job! Her primitives are fantastic! Oh and I know what needle felting is. It's pretty fun stuff.