Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I went krogering.....Check it out!

I promise all, I will start talking about more than just couponing but just had to share my awesome trip to krogers with you! I went with my huge stack of coupons in hand, I bought 105 items total and spend $120. We are having the mega event this week and next week where you save $5 off your total for every 10 participating items you buy and you can do this as many times as you like ( check your store first just in case, some are different ) Almost everything I bought was part of this deal, I 90 items that qualified so $45 should of been taken off at the end, somehow I only got $40 taken off and we double checked but I am still happy as they were super nice. I also would of saved more but the lady was new and several coupons I used did not come off my total. I also did receive 2 coupons off my next kroger purchase totaling $5 so woohoo!

Before coupons my total was almost $300 after the $40 mega savings and coupons I spent $120.43!!! Awesome! I was so excited as was my husband, I could see the sweat starting to drip before the savings came off, hahaha! Now I couldn't take pictures of everything but here is some of my deals! I used about 60 coupons, and lots of them doubled and I was not expecting that as they said no doubling on the coupon, so double score!

The yoplait delights were .74 each pack, the other yogurts were different prices, some under $1 and some a little over $1!

The pilsbury biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and crescents were one of my fave deals! These ranged in price from .30 to about .60 each. The bags of frozen biscuits had a peelie coupon on them and were about $1 in the end!

The betty crocker supreme brownie mixes were less than $1 and the cookie mixes were as well.

Lots of tuna and hamburger helper, not our faves but I do like the tuna helper and matching it with the 5 cans of free tuna I scored at kmart last week this makes for 5 nights of inexpensive dinners! These were about .60 a box!

The fruit snacks and granola bars were all under and around $1 a box!

My guys love these and they were about $1 a box each!

The cereal was another Awesome deal!!! Less than $1 a box!!! I bought 12 boxes plus have all the boxes another 8 from my kmart doubles!

So tomorrow it is reorganizing cabinets for me as we have no pantry for this, but I will make it fit somewhere as it's nice to have all this stock! It's so awesome saving money and we need to wherever and whenever we can!! If you have a kroger running the mega event now through next wednesday ( our ads end on wednesday and start on thursday ) and are new to this and have any questions I would love to try and help!! Also check out Charlene's blog My Frugal Adventures, you will learn so much about couponing there and she lists tons of great deals daily!


Me & My House said...

Wow! Now, that's my kind of shopping trip! I love it! Wish we had Kroger here!

MiriamR said...

I lOVE couponing. I only have a smith's as my kroger and they never double. Great trip!

Embellished Bayou said...

Haha, I was just thinking while looking at those photos "I hope she has a place to put all that stuff!" Hopefully you have an extra freezer! You got some great deals, I am so tempted to partake, but with it just being my husband and me, we'd be eating biscuits and cereal for months!

Gwen said...

My other love, saving money via coupons!You did great.

I have a Kroger/Ralphs and they do that deal too. My only problem is that I really have to plan well to make sure that I get multiples of 10. It can get sort of confusing, but when you do it right, you score.

Farmgirl Paints said...

WOW! Girl you did good. You look like a food hoarder like me:) I just love the feeling of being all stocked up. Great deals.

Thanks too for the words of encouragement on my blog. I really appreciate it.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Good shopping trip! My Kroger can be weird about the Mega Event. They only like you to be able to do 3 in one transaction!


Lindsay@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

I REALLY need to get into couponing! We're poor college students and MAN would it be nice to save some money! WHy cant I get into it?!!

P.S. Love your blog makeover! SO CUTE!

Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

Oh, I so miss the Kroger from my childhood. We do not have any in the Chicago area that I know of. You did a marvelous job of shopping. Go ahead and keep talking about coupons. I think it is very helpful...given the times we are all in!!!

Ashley said...

I spend an hour every Sunday afternoon sorting through my coupons and my Kroger ad--I love shopping at Kroger!

Thanks for your comment--that pot roast is really just too good

2browneyedbeauties said...

Wow! I am also a stay home mom and saving is a must! I am getting myself started and organized in the coupon department, thanks to a lady I saw at Krogger. She had an AWSOME binder with baseball card holder for her coupons and dividers. She was kind enough to let me take a peek. So thank you for the added motivation to start using coupons. Love your blog by the way!